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  1. Everything is from Fashion Nova EXCEPT for the Jordan jersey, sneakers, CK hat, and jewelry.

  2. First fit and second fit clean af

  3. the first outfit is fire

  4. What is your height and weight?

  5. I agree with El Gato. All outfits are busting, the video itself had a sheen. I appreciate how Rio is for the fearless self-presenter.

  6. Love the production of this video. Good job man

  7. How tall are you and waht size pants did you order. I am trying to order some for my nephew who is 6'4 and skinny

  8. I like all those outfits and you look good

  9. I like them camo pants 👍🏼 not really feeling the jeans with the lines on the side. lol not my style, but dope video tho.

  10. What prestro are those bruh?

  11. So he's just gonna leave that water there

  12. Dope fits and b rolls🔥👀. Guys I also did a hauls with fashion nova come check me out 💯

  13. Hey !!! awsome ! have a look at ! very nice wears !

  14. I love your style big brother you're my inspiration I'm Cedric I'm from Africa

  15. You're my inspiration big brother I'm Cedric I'm from Africa

  16. I think you scored pretty good getting that box with the track pants.

  17. bro I been watching your video because I'm trying to change the way I dress. I'm usually a  Jordan/nike , t shirt and jeans type of guy and  I don't own really no type of casual clothing. I need your help of maintaining black jeans and black chino. Every time I wash them and after they dry they have like white streaks on them. I don't dry them in the dryer I hang dry them but these white ashy streaks always appear on them after they dry . Do you know any way to avoid having them ?

  18. last outfit was sick bro those 11s look way better on feet

  19. My mans flexin in his Nigga Nova

  20. Your so handsome and stylish

  21. Bro got the gunz out huh💪🏾💪🏾

  22. 🔥🔥🔥 even though I’m moving away from street to mote elevated casual style. I can still respect and dig your style.

  23. dont wear a jordan jersey with chucks🤦‍♂️

  24. This is some next level quality in them videos! Everything from the shoots, the editing down to the choice of clothes were spot on! I'm very impressed and just keep doing you and get where your going….

  25. this man skin is beautiful tho 😩😍

  26. All fits are dope Rio!! You definitely rocking them right! 🔥🔥👍👌

  27. dude!! i thought I saw you! Thats me at 7:00, I was going to come say whats up, but at that very moment….my gf broke up with me, kind of ruined my vibe. Oh well.

  28. That fit with the suede 11's…STRAIGHT🔥🔥🔥!!! Dope video brotha✊

  29. man them jeans snug as fuck

  30. What size do you wear in fashionnova men’s shirts and polos. Ordered a large and it fit like a smedium, don’t know if i should go XL or XXL

  31. I just noticed this is Columbus.

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