Fashion Advice From Steve Harvey

Fashion Advice From Steve Harvey

Check out this TikTok featuring fashion advice from Steve Harvey!

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  1. Love the video and Harvey’s advice. I have debated with others though which suit one buys first. Harvey says black but I think there is an argument to buy gray first and black second.

  2. Yeah, definitely get a tan suit as a black man. Worked great for Obama.

  3. mismatching suits is tacky as hell.

  4. Friend taught me this. Said the only thing that really should match is belts and shoes.

  5. Apparently black shoes don't go with all of the suits.

  6. Fax but black dont go with navy unless navy is really bluey

  7. What about shoes and socks? And ties, hats maybe…

  8. Don't be left behind Gentlemen Get with "The Program" 😎

  9. Has Steven Harvey seen this?

  10. Add 2 navy blue shirts, 2 black, 2 Gray and then you’re really rolling

  11. Love the fact that u made this video.. thank you

  12. Where you got your cream shirt bru

  13. Cool …I'm taking this in ❤️👍🏽

  14. Why does a brown suit look like the black suit

  15. Looks wonderful but would be better if the shirt was actually cream and not peach lol

  16. Does this really work for patterned suits? Right now I have a plain black and charcoal plaid suit – with my eyes on a navy pinstripe if I see one in my size – will this mix & match work between the different designs and patterns?

  17. Yo this is hype 💃💃💃💃

  18. But can u use a suit that is ur size ? Dude is using his little brothers cloths

  19. 13 outfits in one video do it has to be true

  20. These suits suit this guy better than most people

  21. Great work, on bringing these to the screen

  22. And what about the shoes.. i’m that bad at dressing up 🥲

  23. Dam Brother you nailed it 👍🏾👏🏽

  24. Your camera angle makes you look hella short bro

  25. Those jackets looking a bit too tight my guy. If you had a less fitted and shorter blazer, got it tailored it'd look a million times better. The shoulders are too round and don't have the seam at the end of the shoulder it's in the middle of them

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