Far Future Rocket Engine Technologies – Fission, Fusion & Antimatter

Far Future Rocket Engine Technologies – Fission, Fusion & Antimatter

In my NSWR video I used Kerbal Space Program to visualize the operation of this awesome engine…


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  1. 7:50 If there will be interstellar ships before creation of FTL drive they will most likely be powered by FFRE. No other realistic engine can get anywhere close in terms of specific impulse(>1,000,000s specific impulse is theoretically possible)

  2. Greetings from 2023 when Ksp2 is released in early acces🎉🎉

  3. NASA should work with SpaceX to create some next generation rockets

  4. hey how do you stop the engines from turning off because it gets too hot, I've used several radiators but nothing works

  5. You should make this into a series!

  6. Nuclear Salt Water is my go to high delta v engine in my modded KSP save, you need to put a ungodly amount of radiators so the engines don't over heat. so most of my deep space ships end up on the big and laggy side.

  7. If there are board game players here, I can only encourage you to play High Frontier 4. It's the game that comes closest to KSP with the same taste for hard science and far future technologies. Be aware it is not a simple board game, one of the hardest I have played, but given our common desire to climb steep difficulty curves : I think it's the perfect game.

  8. hello sir. KSP 2 is out today!

  9. I tried to download this mod but it wouldn't work for me idk why

  10. Good to see that in such a short period of time these have come to be considered near future technologies.(Except for antimatter, though progress is being made even there.)

  11. Solar panels to be productive cannot be revolutionary all the time. They need to be pointing a lot of the time at the same object at least on one axis.

  12. I have been playing ksp for 3 months now and it's pretty much the only game I play! I've always had an interest in space and learned what I can about it but I can't believe I skipped rocket science because rocket science and technology is so awesome! In 3 months I have learned so damn much!

  13. The only reason we don't have large fast interplanetary ships is politics and short-sightedness.
    Orion blows all of these far future fanciful concepts away, and it's 1960s technology.
    Yes, treaties:
    Treaties are made so that signatories can back out or amend at will. Multiple signatories, getting together for a large-scale deep space effort will get around it.
    No, EMP is not an issue 5000 miles up with much less than 1kt per pulse.
    Any talk of polluting space with radiation is laughable.
    No, ablation of the pusher plate is not an issue. No, mechanical shock absorbers are not unworkable.

    We go off down the rabbit hole with all of these futuristic "what-if?" technologies only because of squeamish short-sighted reluctance to look at Orion.

  14. nertea isnt a fan, hes a ksp 2 dev lol


  16. Watching this video the week the NIF announced they achieved net positive energy from an intertial confinement experiment is kinda surreal…

  17. Here just after net energy fusion announcement!

  18. From tech cities to the esoplanets .

  19. Is there a limit
    To the speed
    Fuel oxygen motors can produce…

  20. what about a magnetic light pulse engine using oversize capacitors in circular gearing line

  21. Can a nuclear saltwater rocket be modified to catalyzed fusion rocket?

  22. Dude you are so everything space you should've been a nasa engineer

  23. Isn't the first drive essentially what is used in the book Aurora?

  24. What are those large fusion tanks?

  25. Scott you need to get the “Scott Munely” mod for normal KSP and make a play through on your channel.

  26. if your engine can accelerate the ship 9.81 M/S^2 then you have artificial gravity, and you're traveling to outer space

  27. Could a laser on its own provide any thrust?

  28. In the future, railguns are used to accelerate in space

  29. There's nothing like having a your own star on board to power your rocket

  30. Has anyone ever considered a VASIMR-variant engine, where the whole engine run the length of the spaceship? Ions can be introduced by the front of the engine, and pulsed, sequential magnetic fields can be used to accelerate the ions over a long path. The speed that those ions leave the spaceship would be terrific, allowing for high speeds.
    A small nuclear reactor could be used, both to generate ionized gas, and electricity to generate the magnetic fields.
    Just spit balling…

  31. But anti engine is so expensive as trillion also nuclear is banned by un

  32. For those that don't know, Nertea is on the KSP2 team now. Working on the design and part.

  33. It sounds good but not easy or cheap!

  34. Where did you get your KSP footage? I’m dying to replicate these builds, so I was curious.

  35. why not also fucking explain what fuel tanks it needs,and what each engines needs to work

  36. Depending on the speed of the rotation inside, the tokamak can achieve all 3 I think.

    Fusion would be slowest and most gentle, followed by fission, which would violently explode the atoms, and antimatter would be a hopper full of volatile materials, fed into a fission reaction, constantly causing an explosion/implosion with heat and pressure… kinda like the big bang but in a motor.

  37. Every astronaut's no-so-secret dream is having something better than chemical propulsion. At least that's what Thomas Reiter told me.
    I hope we can realize that dream. One day.

  38. What about the PAL? Pulsed AntiProton Laser? 😜

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