Fake news, propaganda, and conspiracy theories – The fight against disinformation | DW Documentary

Public opinion is growing more polarized by the day. States and corporations are all working to define just what their “truths” may be. Can anything be done to stop disinformation?

Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, among others, have become the biggest propaganda machines in history. They reach billions of people, and exert more power and influence than any organizations before them. And that is just what makes them so dangerous.

The dream of a peaceful digitized world has vanished. Fear and hatred seem to dominate. But is this algorithm-driven polarization inevitably steering us towards violence? Can our democratic principles of compromise, discussion and transparency survive?

Both the debate over Russian ads in the 2016 U.S. election campaign, and the spread of fake news demonstrate just how much influence these tech giants have over us. Rumours and misinformation generated by Covid-19 have pushed fact-checkers beyond their limits.

In the U.S., this web-based aggression has spilled out onto the streets. There have been deaths at protests in Kenosha and Portland. And U.S. corporations are making all of this possible, because searches for polarizing and divisive content turns a profit.

No one knows better than Facebook how to divide societies, and cash in. A parallel digital universe has emerged. It is a safe space for people once living on the fringes of mainstream society. And here, anything goes. So have we already lost the battle against disinformation? Can we turn the tide of polarization?

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Fake news, propaganda, and conspiracy theories – The fight against disinformation | DW Documentary

Public opinion is growing more polarized by the day. States and corporations are all working to…


  1. I don't agree with all what this story says but it sheds light on the larger problems with social media, corrupt politicians, voiceboxes like the NY Times plus the rise of China producing propaganda under the radar. Interesting about Australia being used by the chinese.

  2. Pretty one sided story. Only democrats and left liberals are asked.
    No questions are asked WHY these right extremist are so populair. All is putted on Facebook groups as the main driver which is bllsht.

  3. It has not so much to do with fake news. Many people know that a lot is just lies, but these people are sick and tired of the other lies and demonization done by left wing politics and woke institutions. So they radicalize and rebel against it. Thats just pure logic.

  4. The right is being portreted as extreme and terrorist while the extreme left is just in our politics and media without being harmed.

  5. Is that the Ministry of Truth lady? 😂

  6. What an irony. This video itself gives fake information and it is for propaganda.

  7. those who found this documentary offensive Grow some balls. the government is offensive can you mute it

  8. “The U.S. is a corporate dictatorship where the rich have two parties and the rest of us effectively have none.”

  9. Nina Crazywickz XD
    In all seriousness , we all are locked in the same cage . They control everything

  10. "The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as INAPROPRIATE or OFFENSIVE to some audiences." What part ?!??!

  11. Very comprehensive there is a lot in it, but they barely touched on the Cambridge stuff so everyone should watch (and comprehend) that documentary too. Thank you DW !

  12. Youtube really restricted this one huh? Btw another great documentary from DW

  13. Eurasia should have a policy to promote a social media, for countering western propaganda apparatus spreading misinformation to mobilize public opinion. It’s purpose will be to convince pauperized masses that conditions of common people have not and will not change as long as they are ruled by “Imported Government” who are wearing a masks of "Democracy, freedom, and human rights”. In reality, they are renegade leaders and puppets of the west. Their goal is to enrich themselves and transfer people’s hard-earned wealth to Anglo-American banks. These elements are the source of strength and power of Global North who are a curse to human civilization. Let pauperized common masses unite to create such forum.

  14. I started liking this shit till Miss Nina Janckowitz (if I’m not misgendering her) showed up so I took the whole documentary as a conspiracy theory.

  15. Funny how a documentary abt fake news has fake news in it. Lol

  16. Have you ever thought

    Where your soul will be

    When you'll lie to rot

    Die physically

    Being so fascinated

    By those mysteries

    I've began some weird

    Out of my body

    I saw a light

    In front of me

    It blinked my eyes

    Invited me in

    Forever will shine

    This tremendous light that drives me blind

    When I got behind

    Control was no longer mine

    Meeting those who dies

    Those who've been here before I arrived

    I should have stayed behind

    Only incarnation can now bring me back

    To mankind

    I'm where souls are lost

    For eternity

    I shall never come back

    To reality


  17. I was married to a Serb during the 90s when there was a war in the old Yugoslavia. I also lived in Russia for 7 years, before that in the Middle East, and for a short while in China. News outlets are just there to neutralize. It's s strategy whilst other more sinister agendas brew in the background. However, that does not mean one needs to take things out of context either. Just for the record, I don't condone war. Politics is war and I don't want to be a part of any social group online or offline.

  18. Delete FB, IG etc and don't be in Russia.

  19. The most dangerous thing in the world isn't a nuclear bomb, it is deception. Best believe my friend. Your strings are being pulled.

    People who see things for what they are and are not afraid to speak about it are called extreme. They want us to forget about 9/11, and the many other events that have happened in the recent past.

    Every real good factual documentary is either very hard to find or out right deleted by YouTube with no good explanation. Be careful what you watch from the top results on YT. Especially this doc with it's half truths. If you want to really understand what is going on you have to look for it. It won't show up on a YT search. Those days are over. The hard hitting documentaries have been removed.

  20. Linkedin is other social media, that I noted something like this.

  21. Wayyyyyy too bias 🤦🏻‍♂️

  22. Biden did not get 81 mil voted

  23. 22:15 Thank you! My wife and I both sensed that Colin Powell was lying (and uncomfortable about it). However, to this day, the US intelligence community seems to still be passing the debacle off as an intelligence failure. Intelligence failure, indeed, but not a professional failure.

  24. Why is this age restricted???

  25. conspiracy theories would be so easy to dispute, if so many of them didn't turn out to be true.

  26. I am more concerned by the disinformation coming from the government-media complex… Why, for example, are the vaccinated required to wear masks? For the vaccinated, covid is no longer a threat. Getting vaccinated was the path back to normal, we were told. We were told that the vaccines would prevent the worst life threatening symptoms, to make covid no longer a threat. The vaccines were never intended to prevent infection or positive test results, but the msm keeps reporting positive test results as "cases". Implying serious illness or hospitalization. This deception from the msm is perpetuating covid hysteria. The tyrannical politicians and media are no longer following the science. The pandemic is purely political now.

  27. Anything portraying u.s government in a negative view is considered a Conspiracy theory and skipped over which makes you either an insider to the corruption or a moron when some of these "Conspiracy theories " are proven true yet still labeled as such and not as Historical Facts

  28. 26:00 ❤️❤️ si beautiflud woman..I fall in love .

  29. So basically: right wing = disinformation, and left wing = good and mainstream.

    No mention of antifa, blm and other left-wing scoundrels, or the Democratic Party's open support for those groups. You talk about Republican claims of irregularities after the 2020 election, but you make no mention of the Democrats' widespread claims of Russian collusion following the 2016 election, and the fact that Hillary Clinton has used those claims to label Donald Trump an illegitimate president.

    A documentary ostensibly against disinformation and propaganda is itself a disinformation and propaganda project.

  30. I deleted all social media (Facebook, snapchat, Instagram etc) over a year ago and I gotta say it feels freeing.

  31. Uh, that's why You Tube warned us of the content of this documentary because it is being criticized.. tsk tsk tsk.

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