Facts and Observations since moving to / living in Libreville / Gabon

Facts and Observations since moving to / living in Libreville / Gabon

Here are some facts and observations about Libreville, Gabon. I have realised that many people…


  1. Bonjour Miss. J'ai regardé avec intérêt votre vidéo. Je suis gabonaise et du groupe myene ( en fait gwemyene). Je voulais juste préciser qu'il existent effectivement plusieurs groupes ethniques et Mpongwe appartient au groupe Omyene , il parlent la même langue. Bye

  2. @Kanya Kali please document the Tsogo and Ateke languages and provide comparisons with the Khosa language.

  3. Your video is soo accurate. I was really surprised to see the number of people who could speak English in Gabon, I also have the same experience where I had to learn the hard way that you don't just take picture. I took a photo of the roundabout at PK 12 and my phone got seized by a Gendarme. Apparently they (Gendarmes) can't be photographed or filmed and they were there directing traffic. …How I got the phone back? story for another day…

  4. Hello ! Thank you so much ! I am planning a trip to Libreville, Gabon in December 🙂

  5. Your short hair is beautiful.

  6. Nice informative video. Never as men for direction!!

  7. Blessings! Kenya, I've taken a African Ancestry DNA Test and I am related to the TSOGO, ATEKE, and KOTA people, I"ll be visiting Gabon this year to meet them … Kenya, what is your email address? … Thank you. …

  8. Hey how are you? Nice videos! I moved to Gabon last year with my twin brother after taking the African Ancestry test which revealed that we are 100% Gabonais of the Teke/Kota Tribe. Would love to meet you one day hopefully. Thanks🙏🏾

  9. French shouldn't be your sole official language.

  10. This is so funny because I am a Gabonese person who grew up in Johannesburg(currently living in Dubai). My experience has always been Libreville to Joburg. But now seeing your experience the other way around is so fun. Hope you like it and don’t get tired of only two seasons. 😅

  11. Niceee, i like your all-rounded presentation starting with historical, cultural, and geographical facts as background history..that makes your channel unique, suppose to most who go on about what they see and experience alone as that does not give much about the country, Keep it up sista! well done.

  12. Gabon has 52 traditional languages, if they do not have an official traditional language it is to avoid that a tribe does not dominate on the other and to preserve the unity between different tribe. If the food is expensive in Gabon it is because it is a country which imports almost all these food and it is a petroleum country which has a GDP per capita raised. I live in Gabon

  13. I love your videos. Thank you so much for sharing your informations. Let me know if you come to Gabon again. I would love to welcome you

  14. Great video! I found out that I am Galoa (Galwa) on my fathers side. I’d love to visit Gabon one day but I’d like to improve my french a bit first.

  15. I enjoyed this video, so interesting hey especially tarif de taxi lol

  16. The depth in research 👌🏾
    I learnt so much today

  17. Great stuff girl, now I feel like I know Gabon and I'm ready to visit the country. Looooving these videos, cant wait to see the next one.

  18. Men and directions 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. Nice! This video was very informative, I also remember a couple of years ago reading about Eudoxie being from Gabon!

    Very interesting about French being the only official language, kind of sad as well.
    Can’t wait for the next video!

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