Faces of Africa – Food For Africa Pt.1

Faces of Africa – Food For Africa Pt.1

Food Security in Africa: How secure is Africa’s future in terms of food security? Will the content be able to sustain its inhabitants’ food security? This documentary takes us to South Africa to shed light on farming in South Africa. South…


  1. This is a farmer-sponsored documentary. from the narration, you can tell. They are trying to appeal covertly to South Africans to meet up their goal. Land issue between races is a big discussion in South Africa

  2. The, land, will return to the rightful owners, thus saith the MOST HIGH; "SO NINI NA NINI "

  3. What an excellent piece of work depicting advanced mechanised farming and the empowerment of workers in the Cape. This tradition of wine farming goes back hundreds of years. There was so much there for us all the learn from.

  4. You will never see Arabic people farming in China 🇨🇳!
    But in Afrika everybody can take land for free!

  5. Africa?? 🤔
    Please who are this people 🙄?

  6. If this food is GMO I'm very sorry but is not good for us Black people. Black people should not be eating GMO full stop

  7. the continent is actually a lot bigger than the map says

  8. If you can't farm for yourself some else will.

  9. What a beautiful view hardworking 😍 people I love the apple pear 🍐 barley farm and the vegetables amazing

  10. This is strategy to keep the owners of the land in poverty. We do not need Food for Africa from you. We are able to make farms we always feed ourselves. Just give back the land and the people will be self-sufficient.

  11. Is this available in Africa

  12. And the owners africans dont have even a place to live what shame

  13. That one man owns too much land 878 Acres. That amount should be split into 3 equal amounts for three different farmers.

  14. Y is this funded by the Chinese government? 🥴💀

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