Exploring the SCP Foundation: SCP-4005 – The Holy and Heavenly City of Fabled China

Exploring the SCP Foundation: SCP-4005 – The Holy and Heavenly City of Fabled China

Written by: Tufto

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  1. I'm six minutes in and have no idea how I trailed off Warhammer lore

  2. I like this story but I’m not sure i could imagine China having mosques or even any religious buildings for that matter

  3. There's no such thing as free. If you want a better world, you will have to build it.

    I am offended at this SCP. But, that's life, isn't it? People are going to do things, and think things, that I find terrible, and I will do the same. There is no perfect universe out there where we can live in harmony. This is the universe, and it is up to us to perfect it.

  4. Plot twist: SCP 4005 is creating the perfect world, by eliminating 99% of the population.

  5. Was that a Jorge Luis Borges reference with the argentinean D-class?

  6. 14:17 Damn, warframe capture sure looks like concept art…

  7. As someone else in the comments said, the scale of this SCP makes it really hard to suspend disbelief. It puts itself front and center, ignoring every other significant SCPs and organizations that can stop it. It feels as though this would be better as a standalone short story rather than an SCP article, seeing as it leaves little to no room for other narratives within the universe to fit in or use the article for other narratives. It's self-contained yet selfishly overbearing, if that makes sense.

    I don't see anything differentiating the affected's belief against other organized religions that promise an afterlife better than our current world, other than the perceived afterlife being curated for each person. It also doesn't have any more of an argument for it than other religions' afterlives, essentially relying only on faith for its validity. It feels like Heaven 2.0, although I suppose that's only tangentially related the point the author was trying to make? I think that the author's main intended schtick for the article is that belief (or faith) is beautiful which I suppose is true, depending on how you view it.

    For the story itself, it's unusually optimistic and somehow pessimistic at the same time. I don't really like the ending, or the message that it implies. It feels like Dr. Hardcastle stopped being cynical only because she thought she had no other option left, which is a HUGE point against faith being a good thing. There's no real weight to her "conversion", nothing that justifies it. The other thing that makes it hard for me to suspend my disbelief is that the two main characters of the story (mainly Dr. Hardcastle) feel unnaturally special. Having Hardcastle become Mahmoud's pilgrimage is a bit iffy, but I don't completely know how the pilgrimages are decided so I can accept that. But Hardcastle somehow being the only person in the world to hold out against the effects? The article says it's because she's "jaded", but I find it really hard to believe that she's more jaded that any other human, including the O5 council.

    The article is optimistic in that it assumes the best case scenario for the SCP, but it's pessimistic in that it tells us that reality is irredeemably flawed, and that it isn't worth trying to stay to fix it or even live in spite of it. Mixed feelings overall. Beautiful prose though.

  8. Oh the city in this scp? Yeah its my Cities Skylines build

  9. This was a lot different. It was really interesting. I like the way it was explained in the story. Nice.

  10. Anyone else remember when it was a horror website?

  11. Who the hell is writing all this information. I have been listening to scp for like 3 years and more of these stories come out. 🤯. The time consuming writing of this is insane.

  12. SCP-4005 PROPAGANDA from a shitty nation. there it's been fixed.

  13. I mean with Hardcastle actually resisting the SCP until the bitter end it makes me think you really do go of your own free will like what make her so special that it doesn't work on only her


  15. would you ever consider making a video on exploring the Backrooms?

  16. If you have done a reading of The Mound by Lovecraft and a ghost writer… who I can’t recall the name of, leave a leak if there’s one. Thanks! If you haven’t done a reading I’d be really glad if you would. Love the channel! Keep it up

  17. I like how this SCP subverts the trope of "seeking spiritual fulfillment in some notional perfect Orient" by being based around the search for a literal perfect Orient.

  18. When an article explicitly lampshades using purple prose, it's not a good sign in my book.

  19. There was a city that practiced zen Buddhism and reached enlightenment and dissapeared from the face of the earth.

    Hadoken in Harkonnen

  20. This whole SCP jsut feels like endless philosophical rambling. I feel like it barely had any substance. As much as I really enjoy some deep thought, this just felt like continual poetic rants that didn't really amount to anything. Just, like, gentle pining about humanity and cities.

  21. Question for passing fans in the comments: Anybody want to finish some SCPs? I wrote two, but I hit a road block with both. I am more of an animator and can draw way better than I can write. I will be happy to give someone ALL the credit (and remove my name from them) if they took these two SCPs off my hands and made them sound like proper foundation documents.

    Both deal with a world of dead super heroes. But one is more of a magic comicbook that enslaves writers while the other is an alternate reality cold war gone wrong.
    Got containment procedures and worst case containment breaches for one and a cautionary tale for the other.
    If they sound cliche………… well, we would both be giving these to the wiki anyway, so put it there next to the Children of the Moon and creepy dudes that kill you if you see them.

  22. Really want to see what SCPs can be related to X-Files, twilight zone or other limit lores…would be very interesting to the crossover

  23. Scp is so calming, especially with this guy telling the story

  24. I'm sorry but the line "-held hands and shuffled off into an abyss." was golden! XD

  25. I've always had something of a distaste for this particular article, but my reason for disliking it has shifted somewhat over the years. Back when it first came out I was kind of dumb and insisted on seeing the mainlist as a kind of unified narrative wherever possible; I disliked this article for the same reason I disliked 3519: because it felt incredibly arrogant to me for someone to write a mainlist article that would (by what I now realize was my own hopelessly flawed definition) represent the canonical end of the SCP franchise. This particular issue is one that has become less severe for me over time, as articles like SCP-6820 have come out that give a better idea of how multiple conflicting canons can all share the mainlist.

    Nowadays, my big problem with the article is how insulting the portrayal of Dr. Hardcastle feels. It's not as obvious from TES's retelling, but the original article makes a big deal about how Dr. Hardcastle is an atheist and thus is apparently incapable of recognizing beauty or feeling hope, and it generally treats her lack of blind faith as a character flaw that she "overcomes" at the end of the story. As someone who's been an atheist for most of my life and am constantly seeing this sort of sentiment crop up in pop culture, it's not only an offensive and inaccurate portrayal, it's also just generally unoriginal and played-out. (Although I'm not sure why I expected anything else from this particular author, given the message of their SCP-001 proposal.)

    However, as much as I have my subjective issues with the story, you did an awesome job narrating as always!! Can't wait for the next episode!

  26. I'm not a fan of the ultra poetic human perspective in SCP.

  27. I guess you could walk to China through Alaska, good luck!

  28. The SCP foundation is the closest thing we have to a global mythos of the modern age

  29. Alchemist's task failed successfully

  30. Was this written by Xi Jinping?

  31. If I ever want to guarantee that I will fall asleep within a few minutes, all I have to do is listen to the most recent TES SCP video as I lay down and I will be guaranteed to not be able to complete the video. It's upsetting because I never do that for the purpose of falling asleep

  32. Never thought of a Dusany-inspired SCP.

  33. What hogwash. The hardship to life gives it meaning, challenge, and reward. If man is just given what it wants, it will stagnate and wilt, unable to grow and change. Instead, man will become entitled and cruel, for if anything is possible, only subjugation of another will bring reward.

  34. This just sounds like if someone managed to dump a bunch of kool-aid into the world's drinking supply

  35. This was so good until the last bit, the verbillage was unbearable imo.
    (Talking about the original storie, not the naration of course)

  36. A bit surprised there's no "Would you kindly…" reference in there somewhere

  37. I found a journal written only in memes.

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