Exploring the Future Tech City – Shenzhen Futian District | 4K HDR

Exploring the Future Tech City – Shenzhen Futian District | 4K HDR

Futian District is an administrative division of Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. Located in…


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  1. Ok now compare this to any city in the US😂

  2. Amazing, I was there 33 years ago,it was a small village with several new buildings,see now, how could Rome be built overnight, unbelievable

  3. Prepare for US envy.
    Prepare your army to protect that…


  5. This must be awful for ppl who do not like crowds and light shows

  6. Wow nice city, nice video ❤

  7. People in my country said, only thing that Chinese made that can last more than a year is a Chinese wall. Obviously things changed a lot in last 20 years, now they are 200 years in front of us.

  8. I think USA it's left behind😂

  9. 楼外面加led太廉价 跟上海比还是浓浓的农民审美

  10. Technology, robots are the past. The future is the disclosure of the potential of the human soul. Levitation, telepathy, teleportation… Do not fool people with the name.

  11. Wow.Ciudad Ultramegamoderna del siglo 21.Parece como importada del paraíso.Las Vegas Nevada, pero en gigante!!😮❤.

  12. The traffic is soo quiet . Lots of EVs??.

  13. Beautiful! I wish to visit China some day.

  14. Hope my videos can help those who are learning Chinese.

    I teach Chinese with humor and cute pictures.

    Chinese characters still retain their pictographic origins. Knowing what the characters look like originally can help remember them.

    I’ve spent about 100,000 hours studying English humor and Western culture, and many years studying Chinese culture and jokes. My native language is Chinese.

  15. I would love to visit there someday, looks nice! +👍

  16. Тот самый момент, когда понимаешь, что деньги налогоплательщиков ушли на развитие.

  17. what a king. Such an underrated channel!

  18. Looks cool but never want to go there for live.

  19. WTF, China looks amazing. USA should look like that……………….

  20. ewwww… it is china…

  21. Huawei, Tencent en Foxconn zitten niet in Futian, hun HQ's zijn elders in Shenzhen

  22. Shenzhen is a city with no culture. Unfortunately.

  23. Western media – "China is an oppressive authoritarian regime" 🤣🤣🤣

  24. Can someone to take the theme from 'Ghost in the Shell' and do a highlight reel of this just like they did in the original movie?

  25. y empezaron con un todo a 100 ;)

  26. Muito linda essa é a cidade do meus sonhos

  27. Meu sonho de consumo fazer compras aí

  28. Don't be deceived by Western media.

  29. Meu grande sonho é um dia visitar essa cidade e muitas outras na China ❤

  30. Western media only show you the rural areas to brainwash people that's why ordinary people in the west don't understand modern China.

  31. hermoso lugar, me encanta!!! saludos desde Peru!!! hermanos chinos

  32. China is more developed than India despite a very similar population

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