Explore Freetown, Sierra Leone with Lansana Mansaray

Explore Freetown, Sierra Leone with Lansana Mansaray

Sierra Leone’s capital is home to around one million people and is known for its cultural,…


  1. Have you ever been to Freetown? What did you like most? Please share your experience with us.

  2. Wonderfull city, one day i will visit from Bangladesh…peace

  3. Thank you very much my dear brother.please leap an eye as we are hearing a lot of stories renting our water quay and tagrin and all the harbour areas to Turkey for 25yrs. We hope that this not going to happen.there are certain areas that should not be tampered with in sierra leone.you can't just sell any country with out even discussing it with the citizens. But we are waiting. We do need investors but not this way. We need transparency.

  4. 🌹Jesus
    Joseph 🌹( J M J)
    Praise the Lord Jesus christ 🙏

  5. I pray there is a permanent cure for malaria. That will bring in so many people. That and more infrastructure. We need more attractive streets.

  6. What about Moa Wharf Slum Community?

  7. You speak very good English, is that the language there. & what currency 😊

  8. Civil war is over or not BRO

  9. New Sub.
    Voice over would though?

  10. My dad is Limba from Waterloo, I hope to visit very soon. Bless Sierra Leone

  11. Weldone..good presentation of your part of our great Africa
    I am planning a road trip from UK to Nigeria after the lock down
    Your video has encouraged me to include Freetown on the list & hope to share my experience with you if possible , what do you think?

  12. I am from Ethiopia, East Africa
    I was one of volunteers a public health expert, participated at ebola crisis management in 2014-2015 deployed in
    Free town under the umbrella of African Union ASEOWA( African Union Support to Ebola Out break in West Africa) team hosted at Hill valley hotel
    and from the very beginning till out break stopped working as field epidemiologist at different parts of Free town. I missed Mama Sallone and its lovely peoples.
    God Bless Mama Sallone

  13. From Kenya I like Sierra Leone's natural beauty 🥰

  14. I've been there on a merchant ship in 2000. Love the people.💞✌

  15. Wow great video. I wish it was a bit longer and talk more about the wonderful city. Nonetheless, two thumbs up!!

  16. Cool video, it should have been longer to see the freetown culture


  18. I lived in Freetown as a young boy. We loved Lumley Beach. We were in a house in the Mobil compound looking towards the sea. At night we could listen to the drums beating. I was happy there and would love to go back to visit one day. I think I was about 4 now 62.
    I was actually Christened at a Church near the Hill Station Club.

  19. Hello, welcome to Freetown. Here is a tree. Here is a port. This guy was nominated for an Emmy. Alright, peace out.

    Geez…could we get a little more depth here, DW? I've seen better city documentaries from teenagers just walking around with a cameraphone.

  20. Nice sounds🇸🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱

  21. Plzzz guys suggested me that
    For Indian safe in Freetown for job

  22. "I hope someday Sierra Leone will become a great rich country in the year 2050 coming from the Philippines .?!"

  23. Hi from Mexico 🇲🇽 to beautiful Sierra Leone 🇸🇱

  24. I'm jamaican I'm truly bless to see this video …I checked on the slave data base and see many slaves was from this place ..so I typed into Google and this is how I found this video…there is a great awakening going on black people is beginning to awake and knowing who we are and understanding our history which was taken and hidden from us for so long…shalom!

  25. The most Ugly city in Africa

  26. Love your work Lansana

  27. 👍 Our family member now lives in Freetown, can you give me your contact number name & address

  28. hello Lansana Mansaray can you arrange tour guy for me , i am looking forward to get feedback from you.
    best of luck . Dato from Cambodia please replay me back through Email: bongbkk1@gmail.com

  29. Those free slaves would go back today if they were still alive

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