Exclusive: Mohbad Full Burial Highlights As He Is Laid To Rest In Ikorodu, Try Not To Cry😭💔 Autopsy

Exclusive: Mohbad Full Burial Highlights As He Is Laid To Rest In Ikorodu, Try Not To Cry😭💔 Autopsy

Mohbad Finally Buried In His Hometown As Crowd Troop To Pay Last Respect To Imole..


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  1. Mohbad Wife Cries out & Narrates How She & Her Baby Escaped Mohbad Kíllérs..😳 full video below

  2. Why did I see his head slanted in the casket from another video? The casket looked like it was too short for him. He was buried less than 24 hrs after he died. He deserves a proper burial than this on the ground. I know he is glad he is at peace. So sad😢

  3. Is that his coffin, that guy will nvr rest people should contribute n re-do everything ahhh😭😭😭😭

  4. Where someone is buried does not matter, what matters is where he is going to spend enternity

  5. Everyone has a time to die, today Na mohbad, tomorrow maybe someone that is feeling seniority because of power; mohbad rest in peace

  6. Nigerian celebrity getting bury like dis some one take big bribe

  7. This is painful to watch ! I’m not a Nigerian but I believe everyone deserves a proper send off …. We enjoyed his music and his rest well .🕊❤️🇿🇦

  8. 1996 – 2023
    he was just a kid….

  9. This really shows that they didn't like mohbad in his family , they only like his money

  10. What is this woman talking about

  11. Killer squad does not even know his brother.

  12. "The moment MOHBAD corps where brought to he's burial ground" 🤦🤦

  13. Hmm so sad I'm short of words, may his soul rest in peace, amen🙏

  14. 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 father please accept his soul

  15. Oga speak English u dey shout ahh ahhh

  16. Rip bro we love you but God loves you more

  17. I'm so sad.
    This life is all vanity.
    Live your life and don't let nobody live it for you.
    Stand for what you believe and most of all,if others are holding juju, you hold your God Wella!
    Rest on Mohbad.🌹🌹🌹

  18. Jesus what a pity Rest In Peace

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