Every Town Has It's Secrets – "Legend of Black Annie" – Full Free Maverick Movie!!

Every Town Has It's Secrets – "Legend of Black Annie" – Full Free Maverick Movie!!

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  1. Watch on tubi , but great movie…

  2. A very sinnister story, be carefull do not throw the first stone. Quite enjoyable.

  3. So she falls off the cliff n becomes white 13 years later…that ghost girl was white

  4. show the aging whats it is like to KEYWESTpussssss

  5. 13 years later and they are middle aged men

  6. Great job on this one. I just finished watching House,Guest (be careful who you let in your house) Good one too and you need to make a part 2👍👏👏

  7. Those folks in this movie SHOULDN'T HAVE LIED & COVERED UP their children's crimes, but let them take the responsibility for bullying Annie and causing her to die. It's very awful that the City Official's were crooked. Well justice was served after while.

  8. a lot of misogyny in this movie!

  9. now, go on get back in the house, like she's a child, i'm glad he burnt himself up

  10. That was good but do as you want people to do to you

  11. "🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿👏👏👏"

  12. Good movie, really enjoyed it! Thx for the upload! 😀👍

  13. Definitely not a vacation spot 🤪

  14. It was looker..I just wish it could've ended better

  15. LMAO, I am just watching this now, and it's pretty funny. I love the drunk white lady at 23:00 .

  16. Oh drinking alcohol alright fine but oh come on even in churches! Is this how the American people practice? Anyone kindly tell me.
    I know this is just a movie but I annoyed to watch.

    Anyway, after watching this movie and reading all the comments it makes me felt in love with niggas. I like to go on date with some nigga chicks but I'm scared of rejection.

  17. This is such a good flick. Great storyline and yes, urban legends can be real…. 👻

  18. I'm about to check it out hope it's good….

  19. "Got damn! What in the hell is that!"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. It's a little to all over the place nonetheless it was 👌

  21. yay, i found a movie. subscribed

  22. I think this is relatable for every little black girl whose been bullied

  23. Steve Harvey Hopewell someone that needs

  24. Was okay movie. Horror movie. Hmm.?

  25. Well she was a bit overweight. Um ok and you aren’t? 😂

  26. I like this movie! It was fun to me! I want more black horror movies!

  27. She took out the guys private and I was so scared 😱

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