EU Acting As A Victim After Niger Denied Envoy Access To French Embassy

EU Acting As A Victim After Niger Denied Envoy Access To French Embassy

Wongel Zelalem reports on the European Union accusing Niger of provocation after envoy got refused access to French embassy.


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  1. Bozo the clown ain’t no president if the people don’t want him

  2. The EU should not be in Africa at all , AFRICA DOES NOT NEED YOU

  3. African and Latin countries rise up

  4. Niger will be like South Africa in a few years. Mendela made things worse

  5. Every African in France better destroy their country if they wage war on Africa. Caucasians are evil, look at what they are doing all over the world. Poverty is a man-made concept that they created from their own greed. That's why they are still stealing from Africa. They are all broke. Besides the refined materials they produce, they don't have anything to sell to the world.

  6. Can someone buy me a ticket to Niger? I want to fight the colonizers.

  7. Hail Niger Burkina Faso Mali. Kick the french thieves out

  8. Its absurd for them to speak about "freedom of movement" when they shut down most of the World by fear mongering and passing unlawful orders, arresting people etc. just couple of years ago.

  9. problems of the western is that they have put themselves in position of god, but then lets push them away from Africa until they realize that is the one who is poor not AFRICAN.,😆🤣😂

  10. ECOWAS, Africa Union and Nigeria, government' should tell France to leave, Niger. Republic alone. They have their own country, why is ECOWAS, Africa Union, and Nigeria government' silent, over this disobidient to lawful order. If France make the mistake to attack Niger, it will be the greatest mistake EU will even make. France and America will regret it. Can any Africa country try this nonsense, in France? I am ashamed of ECOWAS and Africa Union, for being afraid to tell these senseless and evil people to go back to their country, and leave Africa alone.

  11. My people are raising up with God's wisdom.

  12. Once the US and France leaves, Niger will lose its land to islamist forces from the north. The arabs enslaved Africans for centuries. Watch this space

  13. Esse é o mecanismo do brancúismo:os brancús chegam agindo como bonzinhos, tratando os outro como iguais, no fundo da mente, estao planejando como dar o golpe. Estudam, aprendem o que podem sobre suas ou do povo; fraquezas e fortalezas, aparecem como aliados, amigos…, depois aparentam lhe fazendo um favor, depois pedem um favor, depois querem mais, depois aparentam ter direito ao mesmo que foi concedido em favor, depois aparentam que sempre estiveram ali, depois tomam o que não lhes pertence e nem numca pertenceu antes, aparentam que sempre estiveram ali no pior e no melhor, nesse momento, os brancú usam as fraquezas e fortalezas de quem os acolheus ou trocou com os brancú, para os destruir, agindo de forma superior promovendo forma de resolver os problemas que os brancus criaram em primeiro lugar, e depois saem dizendo que os outros lhes devem…continuam tomando e retornam dizendo que fazem favores, oferecendo migalhas e ajuda do que continuam roubando e fingem serem vitimas, escondem suas falhas e erros e perversidades e auto protegem e protegem os rabos sujos dos iguais e continuam com o mecanismo. Já que o mecanismo é conhecido…evite esse pessoal demoniaco e contagioso…seja qual a oferta e o preco!

  14. [" Niger is a French Colony therefore it is part of France. There are contracts in place."]

  15. ["No need trying to explain-that's the way they operate and they gang up on you too."]

  16. Europeans and the Americans are the one that are destroying the world for their greediness. They are evils remember they are Whites people they think they are God.

  17. Again Niger do not cater to gay politics…period … The French must leave or France will face invasion of Muslims and Afrcan alike it is a vision of destruction when the white belives in colonialism …period

  18. The french can take their gays and white ideology out of Africa, again the france could take it's gays and white ideology out of Africa…period

  19. other african countries should take notes from niger

  20. they need us more than we need them

  21. They have played their game long enough, so just let them talk talk talk, 🎉,,,.ps,& just do what one has to do,. one love,,,.❤,,.

  22. We above all people understand the this so called president is the president of France and that's exactly why the people of Niger overthrow him… And now the President of the Nigerian people sets in the seat of the former president of France is no longer in that position. The peoples of Niger has spoken. Bless them all for deciding who will be their leader and not allowing the dictative and exploitative France government to decide for them.. Bless each and everyone of them that stood with the newly chosen President. Allahuakbar!!

  23. He needs to deported back to France

  24. Please get these people out,there are no reason for them being there.

  25. Raus,aus Europa! Baut euer Land auf..ihr Afrikaner macht viel Probleme in Europa

  26. Who cares about EU thieves

  27. Niger Republic military juntas with their unconstitutional actions to date, toppling democratic elected president Bazoum, expelling French ambassador, & forcefully attempting to arrest him & cutting off electricity & water, supplies to a diplomatic mission, the EU ambassador try to intervened but military juntas still attempting to rebuffed EU representative?
    Niger military juntas have ruined themselves & image of Niger.

  28. Euro people, take your diplomats and get the hell out of Africa! Normally diplomats leave a country immediately there’s unrest. Why are you still in Niger, you tantrum throwing b*****ds!!!

  29. Europe is like an old lady who thinks she is still sweet sixteen and she is trying to choose between her old husband, the US,dashing neighbor, Russia, and a rich lad in the next village, China. Come on, Africa, kick them out. World loves you.❤

  30. Why do they act as victims while there are the villians

  31. Niger is the right thing. France must quite Africa. Africa belongs to African.

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