Ethiopia’s PM Impressive Speech that made Him a Target of the West

Ethiopia’s PM Impressive Speech that made Him a Target of the West

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed impressive speech of development during world Economic Forum

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  1. 🔷🔷🔷 For proper context, your description should ALWAYS provide date and place of speeches you post. Anyway, thanks for sharing 🙏

  2. In Amharic he said the past 27 years were dark time. In English he said past 23 years Ethiopian economy were grown. Whatt😳

  3. Is he joking? This murder of children of Tigreans who is ready to sell the whole nation: its factories, its electric city, telecommunication and our land. He shall make the people slaves in thier land: they shall realise how they squandered their freedom which is given to them by the most high.

  4. If this 5 countries Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti and Eritrea come together and end small conflicts between them they will be great countries' to live also they are very rich with resources and nature more than we can ever imagine. We must end the small wars in our people in order to look forward and grow greater and stronger countries.

  5. Traduire en français s vp

  6. I pray and hope the West will review their utterly misguided policy towards this fine son of Africa.

  7. All I want to see now are nice houses built for all Ethiopians, and a much better standard of living, (in a african country for a change), for all the Ethiopian natives, not the foreigners.

  8. Africans United together

  9. Most Ethiopians do not know who is behind those your so called Well doing economy, the same people you are calling evil now.

  10. As natives,you only see others as enemies,but look beyond that and take a goid look at your economy and tell me those you are demonising are not the ones who has been there for you all these year, if they really do jot care , why will they heed your cry then,it takes too to tango, look inward too while blaming outsiders too .

  11. Pride they say goes before fall,that is the story of the Ethiopian president, I use to think he was going to be a promising leader but he ruined it all out of ego and pride,he would have sit and talk with the other party to stop the blood shed and lay the burden on the other side but he became like them and now he is using colonialism as an excuse for his mistakes,afteral , there is no way the other side would have made it back,he helped to create this mess and now , he is blaming others for it.Sorry I do not buy the colonialism crap ,afteral the West /Ethiopia have much to gain when Ethiopia is in a better shape politically and economically. Arrogance often destroys.


  13. He is the biggest lair of the world. You don't know him. He is killing millions of Ethiopians with help of Arab , chaina and Turks drones. He was paying other african countries Eritrea and Somalia soldiers to kill Ethiopians. The paradox is he is saying no foriegn involvement. All what he is doing is to maintain his power not thinking of Africans. Many African countries know him well but a very few are really fooled by him. Sorry that they are easily cheated by him. Not wise. But in the end he will be out of the game. The west not fearing him but they were surprised how he cruel he is.

  14. Why did you not just do it rather than opening your big mouth and making your country a target, I guess we still haven't learnt from the last 100 years lol

  15. Salutation for our good leader if all Africa united we can do our continent untouched from new colonization we have to💚💛❤️✊🙏

  16. Macron is with USA & UK are on shore pirates thirsty for Ethiopian rare earth & their oil & does not want Ethiopia to raise itself in Africa


  18. We really appreciate the Ethiopian PM.Dr. Abiy the Ethiopian are amazing nation.

  19. All Africans should have to stand together again the western country’s enough is enough stop 🛑 stop ✋, the Ethiopian nation are fighting for your freedom so support ethiopia . Africans stand up 🆙 say No, together you are strong enough to win 🏆 From Germany 🇩🇪

  20. Africa needs brave leaders who will take the continent forward, not these leaders who are told by the west on how to run their countries

  21. One love Afrika
    Afrika for Afrikans

Roots Afrikiko
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