Ethiopian News:- //ሰብር ዜና // አብይ ስለ ድርድሩ በፓርላማ መልስ ሰጠ!

Ethiopian News:- //ሰብር ዜና // አብይ ስለ ድርድሩ በፓርላማ መልስ ሰጠ!

Ethiopian News:- //ሰብር ዜና // አብይ ስለ ድርድሩ በፓርላማ መልስ ሰጠ!



  1. Stop 🛑 Amhara and afar genocide in Ethiopia abiy is killer 👹👹👹

  2. Love Dr.Abiy’s vision for greenness and his passions. But I don’t understand he’s war negligent of Amhara’s and Afar’s. Once he secure his Central power he declare the end of the war. Secondly Afar,Amhara and Tigray have regional territorial conflict. The boundary issues should include three of them. .
    If Tigray is going to be represented for negotiation so do Amehar’s and Afar. However the fed can interpret the laws and decide the sovereignty of any religion. 🇧🇴🇧🇴🇧🇴❤️💜💚

  3. One child policy is downloading

  4. Abiy Ahmed is suffering of mental desease. He is delusional. He wants to be seen as a heat leader. As all mental pts do doctor shopping Abiy was supporter soping. He visited 6 African countries to shop for leaders who can present him as a great leader. He spent 10billion bit during that inaguration. At that time Amara killel was run by savage Weyane. This man can't think straight. He lies lies and lies. The Ethiopian psychiatric establishment, has to come with this mad man state of mind

  5. ማነው እነዚህን ፓርላማ ያስገባቸው

  6. መርተህሞተሀል ኢትዮጵያን የአማራው ቄራ እድርገህ ወሬ ብቻ

  7. ይሄ ሰውየ ጤነኛ ኣይመስለኝም።ተረት ተረት ያወራል።

  8. መጀመረየ እንግልዘኞ ቻል አንተ መሀይም ጉልፋጦ ጠማማ ተንኩለኞ

  9. ብልግና ማለት CONFUSE AND CONVINCE. ማለት ነው:: አቢይ አህመድ ከውሸትና ከአጭበርባይነት እይወጣም::: ከወያኔ ጋር ድርድር የለም ነገር ግን ድርድር ከማድረግ የሚያግደን ነገር የለም ይልሀል::

  10. Bunch of ridiculous lazy genesiders dictator Ethiopia is starving everywhere almost 2 years war the poorst country on earth.

  11. ቅቤወ አንተ ወራዳ

  12. ዝናብ አሠባለሁ አላለም ታዳ ለምን ድርቆ መጣ ቅቤው

  13. ወንጀለኛ ፈቶ ድል ወቸጉድ

  14. ጤነኛ የሚመስሉ ግን በሽተኞቹን የሜታከሙበት ቦታ የለም አብዶ ሳያሳብደት ህክምና ቢያገኝ ውይይይይ

  15. kkkkk ewetim ere minun setesh. kkkk

  16. ኪኪኪኪኪኪኪኪኪኪኪ ሃብትሽ በጣም አሳቅከኝ አብይ ጤንነቱ መፈተሽ አለበት

  17. ፖላማው ስሙ ኣብይ ቁጭ በሉ በሉት ። ኣብይ መውረድ ኣለበት ኣገር ፈርሳለች።። ኣብይ መወገድ ኣለበት።

  18. ፍትህ በየቀኑ ብየደቂቃዎች ለሚታረዱ እማራሮች

  19. ዲያስፖራ የሚጠራው ለኢድ ስራ የለውም እዴ

  20. ሰላጣ አምርቱ 😁😁😁😁😁 ስለረመዳን ምናገባኝ

  21. stop Amara Genocide stop stop stop???

  22. Population growth is not only the factor of scercity of materials. There are countries with population growth in billions but they control scercity of materials by growth of production. Those who eat raw meat on Saturdays and Sundays are mostly officials and corrapted individuals. The mass even don't get piece of bread.

  23. ሀገሬ በዚህ እጭጭ ላይ ወደቀች እግዚአብሔር ያስባት😥😥

  24. ኢትዮጵያንማ አንተም በአፍህ ነው የምታውቃት ቅቤው

  25. ቅቤው እግዚአብሔር ያንሳህ አንተ ስለባርክ ታወራለህ የንጹሃኑ ደም እቤትህ ይግባ

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