Erik Ten Hag DOES NOT Believe He'll Be At Man United Next Season According To Martin Keown 🤯

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Erik Ten Hag DOES NOT Believe He'll Be At Man United Next Season According To Martin Keown 🤯

talkSPORT’s Martin Keown reveals why he think Erik ten Hag doesn’t think he will be at Manchester United next season.


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  1. Martin keown talks absolute gibberish 😂

    So Arteta finished 8th twice, and only won one fa cup, should he also of been sacked? Give him time to build his own team and judge him then, not based on the overpaid prats he’s inherited

  2. I honestly want them to keep ten hag for next season because I keep hearing him and United fans saying about giving more time with a "proper structure" etc so go ahead let's see if this brand of football works 3rd season in, I'm more interested in seeing that considering so many man u fans are convinced he's the right man, I want to see if they're right or wrong.

  3. Taking over europe is a wild statement they have one champions league trophy in there cabinet…. If anyone’s taking over Europe it’s Real Madrid not Manchester City

  4. Look who's talking about propoganda and where. The channel which is built to spread propoganda and the hosts who are paid to spread that propoganda. Have some shame Talk Sports

  5. there are definitely too many bluffers at Utd, but ten hag will be gone after the fa cup final, you can’t lose the amount of games he has and still be in job, the football they play is woeful, and if it wasn’t for the nonsense of VAR they would of lost to Coventry in the semi final

  6. Looool talksport talking about propaganda 😂😂😂 says the propaganda machine. Arsenal had a fully fit squad pretty much the entire of the season and still bottled the league and every competition they were in. If Arsenal had the same amount of injuries they'd be far worse off. Uniteds worst ever season could still finish with more trophies than bottle jobs Arsenal 😂

  7. This guy played as a street footballer with no class off the pitch and on and now he tries so hard to be a classy speaker as if he knows it all.
    Lol! Sort your central defenders out. Please educate us on who you would’ve played with all our injuries. WBS??? and then who would you play in the RD position??? You say Dalot said what he said bc well what else can he say in front of the camera but in the same conversation you say ETH is delusional for the way he analysis his players after r a game and it’s propaganda???? So you want ETH to slate his players and get them to turn on him and demotivate them??? These players are famous for getting rid of managers. You are not a MANUNITED fan so their best interest is not yours. Arsenal have won zero trophies with Arteta yet here we are with an opportunity to win 2

  8. Martin k is a useless guy who cannot go and coach but always wanting people to be sacked if he is great he should go and coach or show us what he is made of. He keeps talking like he is the greatest of all time. Keep referencing Arsenal what has Arsenal won over four years spare me that bullshit and stop praying for others to loose their jobs Arteta was 8th and later is doing okay now. But his okay has not been a trophy to show for it

  9. As a sent off gift 🎁 to those that be at manure Utd for sacking him even before a final,
    ETH should be Man city's inside man and allow them to win 7-0, would be a great ending to the nightmare tenure…

  10. MK never tries to hide is dislike of United , going back to the centre circle and him jumping all over Van Nistelroy , remember we have beaten City and we are not frightened of them , it was and always bee a one off game.