Encanto Dance Workout | We Don't Talk About Bruno, Surface Pressure & More

Encanto Dance Workout | We Don't Talk About Bruno, Surface Pressure & More

This new film from Disney just blew my mind, and after quite a few requests from the community,…


  1. Who is your favorite Encanto Character & who are you dancing with today?

  2. I loved this workout! Thank you so much

  3. wow great workout and so much fun.. love the glasses nice touch

  4. Thank you so much for this workout! This is the first workout I've been able to follow all the way through without any modifications! Thank you for the fun! Can't wait to check out your other videos!

  5. This exercise was so exciting and fun that I WANTED to keep going! I got a goof sweat in and moved my body- something I haven’t done in a long time. Thank you!

  6. This workout is EVERYTHING!!! My 3 year old twin girls and I cannot stop doing this. I honestly think I love it even more than them. Thank you for this fun workout!

  7. This video is great! My 2 and 4 year old daughters loved it, especially when Bruno was sneaking around for snacks 😀

  8. This was alot of fun ! I thought that I wouldn't be able to do this because I don't know how to dance. But it was pretty easy ! Plus I love this movie🥰🥰

  9. i love this! i love jumping with you at the end!🥺this time i was in a bad mood crying and laughing at the same time while exercising. but still finishing it made me feel better. love u!

  10. 100% recomend this is super fun

  11. Oh my!! This was so much fun! And no i dont have a child lol. But it made my inner child very happy 🙂 more disney/musicals please! ❤️

  12. This was so much fun! Thank you!

  13. AAAAA i love the glasses and the hair!!!!!!

  14. Awesome video Jo. You should do a full Disney melody workout.

  15. How have I just found this? Omg this is fabulous and I love Bruno 😂😍

  16. Thank you for your work!! This workout just boosted my mood so much, exactly what I needed!❤️

  17. I haven't worked out in years and I decided to get back into it. I wanted to try dance workouts, and I stumbled across your channel. I've been doing your dance workouts for a week now and I'm actually enjoying working out!

  18. Pleeeeease tell me where you got your couch from! Awesome workout!

  19. I had so much fun with this workout.

  20. So glad this is back up 🥺

  21. Great video❤️❤️❤️

  22. This one got my 8 year old daughter moving with a big smile on her face believing she was starring in Encanto! haha! Loved it! 💜

  23. I actually broke a sweat 😂 my daughter loved it too !

  24. this was SO much fun!!!! please do more Disney dance workouts!!!! xoxoxox

  25. 🕒14 minutes…
    👣789 steps
    🔥108 calories burned

  26. Incredible! I've never really liked workout, but this one: Perfecto!!

  27. Love it!!! it was soooo much fun <3

  28. So fun! I've done this with workout with my kids several times now. They love it and my two year old is obsessed with your dog!

  29. Our favorite my daughter and I workout to this every morning. She thinks you look like moana 😅

  30. This was so fun and I sweat a ton!!! That cool down was the best I have ever done as well so fun and free

  31. My daughter is 7 and she loves doing at home workout cuz she sees me doing it !!! I love watching her enjoy this

  32. you make working out fun it got me motivating again i weight 101 kilos and im 20 your videos are motivating me to lose weight and to get more excersing <3 greets from holland

  33. İt is just amazing.You are so creative and magical.Thank you so much💫💫💫

  34. I did not include I love it

  35. This was probably one of the BEST and most FUN workouts I have ever done in my life! Thank you so much! 💜

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