Eminem's Daughter Hailie Jade Is His PROUDEST Fan at Super Bowl LVI

Eminem's Daughter Hailie Jade Is His PROUDEST Fan at Super Bowl LVI

Eminem’s 26-year-old daughter, Hailie Jade, was in the stands at Super Bowl LVI as her famous…


  1. I know Eminem's daughter Hailie was proud to see her dad perform at Superbowl LVI halftime show

  2. I thought Black Eyed Peas was hip hop b/c they performed at halftime b4

  3. Why this man he not getting old ? I listen he music is home I’m 15 or 20 year old now I’m 37 I’m getting old and he not why ????

  4. You and I are the connecting pieces to Morningstar

  5. And I’m her proudest fan

  6. She's so beautiful and he's grown soo much my God😎☝️💪🤝🙏

  7. How much he's been through he will never stop loving Hallie

  8. jw but why would she get mad at the nail salon?

  9. Biggest Fan 😜🥰🤪🤩😋❤

  10. all of em are black on 1 white lol proud em fun

  11. i find it sad we never heard any precious stories between hes children, but at the same time, good on eminems part, he raised them real good AND away from media.

  12. I am so jealous of their relationship I wish I had that with my dad but he does drugs so Haley please cherish every moment

  13. Easy E, ice cube, snoop, 2pac, Mary j, 50 cent, Eminem. Forgot my point.

  14. So cute!!🥰😍💙💞

  15. My top 5 hiphop artist:
    1.Dr. Dre

  16. You cannot attribute eminems skill to dre. Em was killing tracks before meeting Dre. More like Eminem made Dre.

  17. Any time you tell Eminem not to do something. He does it. And they know that lol. They told him not to take a knee. Cause they knew he'd do it.

  18. No lie. Eminem has the hottest daughter of all the rappers lol.

  19. Telling eminem not to do something means he gonna do that thing

  20. I agree. I've never watched a superbowl before, but I just happened to watch this one, and it felt like this was the one I was meant to see. Truly historic.

  21. two unique feelings, being as talented as Eminem or being his daughter, a blessing

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