Elon Musk is Wrong, Hydrogen Cars are the Future, Not Tesla Electric Cars

Elon Musk is Wrong, Hydrogen Cars are the Future, Not Tesla Electric Cars

Elon Musk is Wrong, Hydrogen Cars are the Future Not Tesla Electric Cars. The truth about…


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  2. Think he feels stupid today??

  3. Nitrogen is also emitted

  4. So the best for a while is still a gas/electric hybrid.

  5. If you try to make hydrogen from seawater you will get Chlorine, (lots of it)!

  6. It doesnt take an hour to charge from empty. Now its 30 min. But battery technology will probably get faster and lighter. I think hydrogen fueling trucks wont be easy bc it wont be popular unless we are forced to.

  7. better return to the combustion cars, but just change to electrical transmission, becouse a lot of energy is lost threw frictions, and with some stirling engines, you could exploit the waste heat. And also with TEGs.

  8. Musk is wrong 🤔 Hydrogen cars are the future…sure give them another half century…considering there are 16 Red lobsters to every one Hydrogen fuelling stations 😂 $60 to go 280-300 miles. Which is fine because there are no filling stations outside the 150 miles radius of LA?!!

    At least you CAN recharge overnight..if you can’t find a station..you’re towing your car home.

  9. RNG fuel cells are better. Electrolis requires an energy source to to make the h2. It takes more source energy to create H2 than if you just used the source energy run the car or truck. Stick to just fixing them Scotty.

  10. No fuel efficient engines and hybrids are the future

  11. This is an interesting time to watch this video LOL

  12. Hydrogen is the solution to the 47%+ of people with no garages, Tenant occupied homes, apts, or families that don't have garages. I hope to see this scale one day.

  13. Last time I checked we don't have to store wind or sun they happen everyday and we've done nothing with either until recently

  14. what struts does he put on his legs. is quite bumpy lol

  15. This video aged like fine 2% milk

  16. This is a very good video from 2018, now gas prices are heading to $7+ for a gallon. It's time to switch to hydrogen.

  17. Scotty I have thought that all the time.

  18. Hydrogen car sucks, to expensive, same price as diesel, and very inefficient

  19. Three years into the future, do you still think hydrogen cars are the future, not Tesla electric cars?

  20. This video didn't age well

  21. Burning Hydrogen in an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) using atmospheric gases which has in addition to 21% oxygen needed for combustion of Hydrogen, also has 78% nitrogen. The resulting combustion process of burning hydrogen will produce Nitrous Oxide Gas Emissions. Even very Small amounts of Nitrogen Oxide is a potent greenhouse gas lasting 114 years in the Earth's Atmosphere. A single nitrous oxide molecule has 298 times the global warming potential of a carbon dioxide ( CO2)  molecule. Without removing 100% of the Nitrous Oxide from the trucks tailpipe  emissions, running ICE on today's almost non-existent Green Hydrogen Fuel sources will only accelerate  Earth's warming climate change. Today's Hydrogen comes from Hydrocarbon sources, adding to the net greenhouse gas emissions of Hydrogen Fuel to include Carbon Dioxide, Methane (lost in Natural Gas transport pipe leaks) , and now an adder of potent Nitrous Oxide gas to Earth's Atmosphere. I wish you luck creating a  zero emissions commercial vehicle any time soon that only emits water out of the tailpipe.

  22. great video. I'd like to know how much strip mining it takes to produce one Tesla battery. It's not as green as it seems.

  23. I have a prediction that Elon Musk will partner with a fuel cell energy manufacturer

  24. I just can't wait for below freezing winter driving with multiple hydrogen vehicles having driven before me spewing water exhaust droplets coating the roads with black ice for us to drive over and wreck our vehicles on ! Now that is safe ! This concept is just another, not so well thought out,"GREEN", idea that when applied into the real world to keep us safe from climate change does not keep us safe from injury or death when in vehicular accidents. A society operating many Hydrogen Vehicles that are spitting water on below freezing road or parking lot surfaces is not the answer ! So, where to put water. Maybe an onboard  tank to freeze solid and burst when parked?  At a stop sign or light idling then accelerating adding heavy icing right there to the road surface just where one wants to actually stop? A parking lot to slip and injure another walking by the back of your parked vehicle or after you drove off leaving water to freeze there? A roadside gutter so a pedestrian can slip stepping off a curb, maybe falling down flat in front of stopped traffic and out of view of drivers ? Your driveway so you can fall there ? Your Garage to slide across while holding your infant child then both hitting the hard floor? Maybe, you need more tasks or to be distracted by mopping up the garage floor before the water freezes and your groceries just purchased thaw? Maybe a high speed highway perhaps in a turn? Maybe the unlimited speed limit Autobahn with high water production by those higher electric energy demands moving the hydrogen vehicle through the air while simultaneously dumping large amounts of water mist contrails at high speed onto the road surface? Your Hydrogen Vehicle needs to relieve itself in public, The question is where to do it safely? Now considering these real world usage / interaction scenarios are Hydrogen Vehicles a good idea? You decide logically not emotionally.

  25. In no way is hydrogen the future for the automotive industry. its just a really bad technology for that application.

  26. Just imagine 20 years from now, millions upon millions of 1200 lb lithium batteries piling up in storage facilities sitting around waiting to be recycled. Can you imagine the fire risk of those storage facilities? Who's going to pay for the horribly expensive recycling process?
    Those batteries will become a bane upon the face of this Earth. Better to nip it in the bud now and go with hydrogen! Sorry Elon.

  27. hey scotty… I'll see your 6k toyota FCEV's & raise you 2 million tesla's. I WIN.

  28. I think Hybrid with bigger battery is the future. Fill up the battery at home for day to day driving and only use gasoline on road trips. Fossil fuel consumption will cut down 50% and I think that’s more economical and realistic than 100% EV or fuel cell. Good stuff here, Scotty!

  29. I care. We have to do it to save the planet like starting now!

  30. This didn’t age well

  31. I love how he goes through the negative’s of the side he supports which gives us the Jury a better view of the rivalry.

  32. Hydrogen powered cars are not feasible now and probably not for at least 10 more years. Why? Because of the supply chain issues, safety issues, costs of maintenance and repairs (when will the dealerships and local mechanics have the highly specialized equipment, tools, gauges, diagnostic equipment, and training?
    Then, have you ever heard of the Hindenburg? Imagine your 20 vehicle interstate pileup due to weather conditions and IMAGINE the fireballs that will dot the accident scenes as well as fired drivers and passengers (especially kids).
    The overall cost of producing Hydrogen and supplying it to its limited markets is at least 4x the cost of electricity.
    And here is the real killer – if you run out of fuel (and people will) where do you go and what fuel can will you have to refill your hydrogen powered vehicle? Even AAA won't have such highly pressurized service vehicles available soon.
    Hydrogen is a nice exercise, but it is a niche alternative. It is light years (as of now) away from being a viable alternative, even if it has a Toyota nameplate.

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