This Simple Trick Will Reveal If Your Black Soap is Authentic or a Cheap Knockoff!

With the rising popularity of black soap, it’s important to be able to distinguish between authentic products and cheap knockoffs. The market is flooded with imitations that claim to offer the same benefits but may fall short in quality and effectiveness. To ensure that you’re getting the real deal and reaping the benefits of genuine black soap, we’ve uncovered a simple trick that will help you determine its authenticity. Read on to discover this foolproof method and never fall victim to counterfeit black soap again!



The Float Test: Separating the Authentic from the Imitation When it comes to verifying the authenticity of black soap, there’s a simple trick known as the “Float Test” that can be incredibly revealing. This test utilizes the density of authentic black soap, which is typically higher due to the presence of natural ingredients and the absence of fillers or additives commonly found in counterfeit versions.


Here’s how to conduct the Float Test:


Step 1: Fill a Bowl with Water Take a clean bowl and fill it with room temperature water. Make sure the bowl is large enough to accommodate the size of the soap bar you’re testing.


Step 2: Gently Place the Soap in the Water Take the black soap bar you wish to test and gently place it in the water-filled bowl. Ensure that the soap is completely submerged.


Step 3: Observe the Reaction Watch closely for a few minutes and note the behavior of the soap. Authentic black soap will typically sink or remain at the bottom of the bowl, slowly releasing natural oils and botanical extracts into the water. On the other hand, counterfeit or diluted versions are more likely to float or stay near the surface, as they tend to contain additional synthetic fillers that reduce density.


Step 4: Interpret the Results Based on the behavior of the soap during the Float Test, you can draw conclusions about its authenticity:

  • If the soap sinks to the bottom or remains submerged while gradually releasing natural oils, it’s a strong indication that you have genuine black soap in your hands.

  • If the soap floats or hovers near the water’s surface without any substantial sinking, it may be a sign of a cheap knockoff or a diluted version. Such soaps often contain fillers and additives that compromise their density and quality.


Remember, while the Float Test can provide valuable insights, it’s still important to consider other factors such as ingredient lists, scent, country of origin, certifications, packaging, and the reputation of the seller to make a more informed decision.



Conclusion: When it comes to purchasing black soap, authenticity matters. By employing the simple Float Test, you can quickly determine whether your black soap is genuine or a cheap knockoff. Remember to consider other factors in conjunction with the Float Test, such as ingredient lists, scent, packaging, certifications, and the reputation of the seller, to ensure you’re investing in high-quality black soap that delivers the numerous skincare benefits it’s renowned for. With this trick up your sleeve, you can confidently navigate the market and enjoy the authentic benefits of black soap for your skin.

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