Electric Motorcycle of the Future? Sondors MetaCycle Review | Daily Rider

Electric Motorcycle of the Future? Sondors MetaCycle Review | Daily Rider

The all-electric MetaCycle was made to convince non-motorcyclists to take a closer look at…


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  1. Read more about the Sondors brand and the MetaCycle on Common Tread! http://bit.ly/3YQ3fMJ

  2. EVs USE WHEEL TORQUE TO MAKE THEM SEEM SUPER POWERFUL. Wheel torque is NOT comparable to crank torque. For comparison, a Hellcat in 1st gear has about 16,000 lb ft of WHEEL torque.

  3. I NEED a cheap electric motorcycle for my two mile commute to work. I need the ability to bring gear with me. A top case is ideal. I can’t find anything that’s cheap enough to justify its purchase.

  4. I DO NOT want electric motorcycles.. or cars

  5. With a little tweaking amd another seat can make a good local rider for a say thirty miler commute it would be great when plug in charging gets to be set up in local places I would love to buy a local commuter for a thirty mile rider untill charging stations get put around towns to charge up over all I love it with no maintaince and no gas charge I love it

  6. I bought a first-production Metacycle. It is quirky and so many things should be improved, but I enjoy riding it more than my Zero FX EV. The low center of gravity and silent power are so much fun. Given the price and the size, it’s a great starter for anyone.

  7. torque is part of the equation for power, power directly translates to acceleration and speed, torque doesn't. high torque usually means high low end power, that's what you feel when a bike feels torquey, you're feeling decent power at low revs, but that power may fall off really quick like in most diesels and harleys

  8. Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed your review but seriously that is THE MOST useless machine. Battery operated bikes and cars can't compete with gasoline and really shouldn't try until the technology catches up. $6,500 can be spent on a plethora of other actual motorcycles that'll get you further, last longer, and more fun. Don't waste your money everyone.

  9. Why do they keep charging so much for such slow crap bikes. They would sell so many more if they were cheaper. I would never spend that much on a crap bike like this. Gasoline all the way. These bikes are crap, specially for the price, and they run out of battery ability quickly. They are trash.

  10. I feel like if Honda made this motorcycle, or at least something in the same style, It would have the H of their cars instead of the wing of their motorcycles

  11. They steal your money 💰. Don't do it haven't gotten a bike or money back after 2 years. Customer service is a joke. Please please don't trust them

  12. I cancelled my pre-order because the numbers promised did not match the math but not sure if it was worth it.

  13. Is this an electric motor cycle or a electric bicycle? No different to a e-bike. I see no clutch or gearbox.

  14. That thing is hideous imo. Wouldn't pay 6500 for it. Probably fun to ride but doesn't "do it" for me.

  15. E-bikes 100% are fun as hell and those who say they aren't has never rode one.. they can be very expensive for what they are I agree on that point but that's about it. My uncle bought two Ariel rider 52 volt E-bikes and they are awesome for around town.. I unlocked my and on a flat I can get it to about 40mph and they are nice for off-road and hunting. They are lightweight as well and handle great.. the Ariel rider I have costs new about 2400 dollars witch is alot but it's nice to never worry about gas and I ride it slot just around town. It also is the best looking E-bike that I've ever seen so far. Most of them are ugly as hell. But I can ride wheelies on mine without pedalling and carry 2 people easily and comfortably. My uncle paid 1200 for each bike so he got a good deal bc they were used and they've ran great for the last 6 months we've had them. I would never ride my on the freeway however as it's not nearly fast enough at all. This bike might be able to go the speed limit, but barely. On top of that if your gonna spend 6,000 dollars, you might as well just get a real motorcycle as there is a lot of immaculate bikes out there for even cheaper than this E-bike.

  16. It's cool looking, but NO, this is definitely NOT the motorcycle of the future. And I don't trust Sondors customer service. They shipped me an electric bike that would never power on and wouldn't work, and they wouldn't take care of me. I had to go through my bank to get anything done. And I won my dispute.

  17. I drive more than 30 miles every day. . . Might as well just add pedals.

  18. It's perfect for what it's designed to for.

  19. What a terrible product by every possible measure 😮. I’m astonished at how poorly it stacks up, and I would like to own something similar as a commuter.

  20. The product site still mentions mentions a removeable battery for charging? Is this the case? The site also says "no uncomfortable seat", so…

  21. Looks totally stolen from Husky Svartpilen 401

  22. Gross. A soul-less electric appliance. I prefer the life-like respiration of an ICE machine. Needs air (inhale), food (gasoline), exhales (exhaust). Just my opinion. You're free to love the electric bike. No need to throw a fit if you disagree. :)

  23. iono if electric motorcycles is gonna take off. for me i want thr motorcycle to make noise so that ppl know ur around. like ppl suck at driving already. can u imagine someone blacked out on a electric motorcycle which is probably also a muted color silently moving about? when a normal motorcycle is going around the sound of the engine or the revs makes car drivers do a once over in their mirrors. especially since almost everyone is running tints.

  24. You should try to get and review an EV Motorcycle from India called Ultraviolet F77

  25. It pisses me off that people who use electric cars, electric bikes or, like, motorcycles, tell everyone around that their vehicles are environmentally friendly. Each time I try to pay attention to the fact that the carbon footprint of electric vehicles is much larger than that of traditional vehicles. This means that they pollute the environment much more than normal cars, bicycles, etc. Despite the opinion of research institutes, the opinion of people who know the problem of pollution and disposal of e.g. electric batteries, people in the world who talk about clean technical solutions are the first to say TESLA. The stupidity of people who went to school and universities is scary.

  26. Do not buy a Metacycle. You will be disappointed.

  27. There is a reason any legit bike builder hasn't gone down this rabbit hole, it's obvious! They are JUNK!!

  28. Ok, I am not going to mince words here. I hate these chinese bullshit electric scooters. These are the direct result of millennials and their stupid liberal mindset. They have almost no power, very short range, and for the price, buy a real bike and take that money customize it for you. They make almost no replacement parts, no body knows the shelf life and like electric cars, most are sold or traded in in under 5 years. There is almost no re sale value either. It's a novelty, not really a cyclist choice in my opinion. If they are catering to the new rider, I would not ride next to a new rider, most are dangerous until they go down at least a couple times to learn what not to do. IMHO

  29. What the hell if this is the future I don't like it at all

  30. Sondors Metacycle or Honda Navi? 🤔

  31. This is only $4000 right now

  32. A bike for a person who's not a motorcyclist but wants to feel like a motorcyclist but doesn't have the passion for motorcycles. This is just a form of basic transportation which has its place. Like a college young persons scooter which are very popular.

  33. well 80 ft lbs with 20 hp is nothing like 80 ft lbs with 100+ hp. cool little bike though

  34. A super smart and thorough review. I’ll wait for an e Honda.

  35. It should have an option for a second pack instead of empty frame space or some storage

  36. I bought one of these (still haven't gotten it after a year btw), but the reason why I bought it was because I needed something to get to work in downtown. For this, there is no competitor. I can keep it in my garage, take it downtown and park it anywhere, and even sneak it into bicycle parking if I can't find normal car parking. Easy to ride in traffic and capable on the freeways. Problem is that I don't work downtown anymore and as such I don't really need it anymore. My Kawasaki 650 can do the job of garage to parking lot with dedicated motorcycle parking lot way better than the sondors so I will probably just sell it when I (eventually) get it.

  37. So they forgot to mention the most interesting feature is that this is the 1st motorcycle with a built in glory hole 🕳

  38. Hahahah San Peedro instead of Pedro. Bro say it like you say Peddle Or pedestrian, it ain't hard

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