Egypt Unearth 59 New Ancient African Coffins Watch What Happens When they Open One

Egypt Unearth 59 New Ancient African Coffins Watch What Happens When they Open One

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  2. How fucked up is this…wow just imagine someone digging up your family or loved one. Smh this is ridiculous

  3. They're so curious about our history,

  4. GOD CREATOR still remember what HE SAY what HE HEAR and what HE SEE.
    Respect to all

  5. Show one country in Europe that is Rule by African or BLACKS.. but check in Africa..
    Who is ruling and calling themselves Australian.
    Who is ruling and calling themselves American.
    Who is ruling and calling themselves Egyptian.
    Different time.. same attitude
    Different names… same people.
    Different places… same thing.
    Villains and now disguising themselves as World Saints.
    That's The truth.
    Seems like they would not change for the better.
    Living a perception which is a form of Deception… that is called white supremacy that involves the lies conspiracy deception invasion distruction and finally damnation.
    Remember Egypt.
    Respect to all

  6. I watched the documentary on Netflix, great watch.

  7. What kind of wood last 2000 year's.

  8. Arabs digg up and disrespecting my ancestors.

    We need to stop this!!!

  9. This desecration needs to stop!

  10. May these devils die in their sleep

  11. Now that i think about it, how many other countries or continents have their dead or ancestors dug up?
    Leave them to rest in peace. What is wrong with these people? I wonder what King Henry and them look like dug up!

  12. They just carved those yesterday

  13. Appreciate that you know your past but why on earth are they disturbing these graves!!??? This is how viruses that are in slumber mode inside the ancient tombs usually are activated. Those Europeans who went about opening these tombs did not die from "any ancient curses but rather the virus and or ancient microscopic life forms coming out from these burial places.

  14. When are we going to see African/Black Egyptologist ?? Sick & tired of seeing only white & Arabs doing the discovering & writing about Kemet/Egypt..Where are they.. ? We need to see them…This is the 21century..we need archeologist who are African/Black all over Africa doing this work…!!!

  15. Omg this people are digging out our ancestors' Graves. May ancestors spirits hunt them down 👇

  16. Never desecrate your ancestral shrine for a curse shall unleashed upon you

  17. Here we go again. Sigh. They know KMT is not the land of their ancestors.

  18. Wanted to see inside those coffins 😂😂😂😂

  19. How much did they pay u to allowed this nonsense to be happening to African ancestors

  20. All fake ,the real ancient mummies are destroyed long long longtime ago by foreigners who attacked ancient egypt and egypt was not the real name of what the call ancient egypt ,the ancient egypt real name was " KEMET ", if this coffins are real must be sure 1600years from persians or others foreigner inviders who been using kemetian tradition cause they find was special

  21. Put in place a petition to stop these oppressors' destruction of our great ancestral heritage! Why aren't Africans exposing this scandal? Where is the collective voice of the descendants?

  22. That is totally disrespectful! Would they like for someone to ravish and desecrate their momma or daddy grave? This is not an original people of Africa, no decent person would do this. So sad and they should be ashamed of themselves. Period!

  23. distrurbing to say the least

  24. I heard a master teacher say: “ They’re going to dig up an ancient plague or curse, if they continue.”
    I’m waiting for them to clone one or some of them. THE RETURN OF THE ANCIENT ONES frfr!

  25. Look… The Lockdown has their tourism industry in jeopardy. So what better way to get the worlds attention? "We discovered mummies burried 2500 years ago". Almost got me on that one.

  26. I don't believe it. The art is less distinctive, paint defused. It just doesn't look right

  27. I have unsubscribed to this disturbing abuse of so called privilege. They are BLACK. And you know this too be the TRUTH.

  28. Multiracial society it would seem eh?

  29. Why can't they allow this ancestors to rest in peace???
    Arabs should go digging their ancestors coz even existence of Muhammad is questionable

  30. If they even find one non black that will be the one for "Egyptian" display to say "see they were not Black."

  31. Why are they desecrating these burial sights. This is a travesty!

  32. Releasing some new ancient Egyptian curses on the world huh, like 2020 isn't bad enough. Great job guys 👏 👏 👏

  33. So grave desecration is allowed in Islam. How can Arabs claim kemet and dig up their own people. The worst

  34. 😱😫🤯😬🤪😵😖😡😠🔥👺

  35. Ancient Egyptians were closer related to Mediterranean and middle eastern people.. Based of scientific DNA analysis. This was gathered from research on a mummy that was accidentally found. It also revealed that ancient Egypt goes back further than we previously believed.

    Regardless of race, I get why people are sensitive to this subject.. Those are final resting spots being disturbed.

  36. Leave our ancestors to rest ✊🏿🇯🇲

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