Eggnog Recipe | How to Make Eggnog

This homemade eggnog is thick, creamy, rich, delicious and pretty easy to make! Tastes much better then store bought. Perfect drunk for Christmas and holiday season.

Printable recipe + tips:–How-to-Make-Eggnog

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  1. Im definitely making this for the party im gonna throw, but question. When bringing to a simmer, do we stir it or just leave it until it simmers?

  2. I've made my first eggnog today using this video! Planned to do it last year, but unfortunately an unforeseen event changed my Christmas plans altogether. I'm really enjoying it! It's rather thick, drinks like a milkshake. I might try adding more milk next time but only for experimental purposes as I actually like how it drinks like a milkshake. Still, it's in my nature to experiment, and I've got a couple more days until I have guests over that I want to serve the perfect drink. Thanks for the video and Merry Christmas!

  3. I donโ€™t know why I failed trying to cook it, everything looked well but in the end all the ingredients seemed to be separated from each other .. may be the heat was too high

  4. Your version looks great and most likely much lighter on the calories than my version lol. I make mine with light cream and thicken with eggwhites and heavy whipping cream. Very rich but so good.. cheers

  5. I just opened a carton of store bought eggnog and immediately tasted alcohol. It's strong in this batch. Probably some type of potent extract but it had me coming to YouTube to see if eggnog was typically made with alcohol. Low and behold. Lil too potent this year Mr manufacturer lol


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