EFCC Grills Obi Cubana, Seized His Passport, Regina Daniels Caused The Divorce – Fans, Jaruma Reacts

EFCC Grills Obi Cubana, Seized His Passport, Regina Daniels Caused The Divorce – Fans, Jaruma Reacts

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  1. For the question of the day, bro first talk then I will talk my own, 😆 🤣 😂
    Believe me, the money is tempting

  2. Why is the interviewer making such loud sound then the person his interviewing too cheesy

  3. No matter what EFCC does, Obi is a great guy. He has empowered a lot of young people legally. What has Nigerian leaders done for their youth? If Obi has skeletons in his cupboard, trust he wouldn’t be on social media. He’s too smart for that.

  4. Bro ur video is too long try to make it short becoz not everyone has the free time to watch 35 minute video.

  5. Bro your country is nothing but a shame you come online and act stupid as 8f Nigeria is not messed up. Why did they arrest naira marley if they can arrest obi who's obi that can't be arrested… its wrong but don't come online and say because of money is too big to get arrested huh? Are you DUMB 😂🤣

  6. They did not learn Yoruba! There are many Countries in the World where they speak Yoruba! Tinubu and Aba Kyari were not spraying money in public places. You guys need to think outside the BOX!!

  7. Those are the Brazilians

  8. He was arrested not invited

  9. 900 billion,because I luv my mom with everything in me,my prayers always never to be parents less,heaven I want to go and be with the lord God.

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  11. My fave place to relax…bless u

  12. This is 🇧🇷 Brazil bro,,,, there is state in Brazil that was founded by one of the Oduduwa's sons,,,,,, they even have days that they all celebrate yoruba's culture in every year.

  13. Haha I have the same shirt you're wearing 🙂. Nice video

  14. For me I will delete Heaven

  15. Your interpretation of Deji Adeyanju's posts is wrong. There's no presumption of guilt in his statement. His expression is simply commonsensical. It's a warning that if you display wealth senselessly, you become a person of interest. People who work hard for their money spend it sensibly.
    To each it's own ✌

  16. That’s lock a padlock love stuff Idid that with my husband

  17. If Nigerians should no what Obi and his friends do behind closed Doors. Nigerian will not celebrate them. If anyone want to know more about them. Find your way to Cape Town. You will no more about the truth behind the success you all are since. Thanks

  18. You no longer read people's comment. People's birthday would be nice to read out though

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    I will delete Number 2👍. The love I have for Number 1&3 is priceless 💖 ❤.

  23. Im first here today. God bless you abundantly for the update boss

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