DW News April 5, Israel consequences, Iran funeral, 30 years after Rwanda genocide | Full Broadcast

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DW News April 5, Israel consequences, Iran funeral, 30 years after Rwanda genocide | Full Broadcast

Israel punishes the army officers involved in this week’s deadly drone strikes in Gaza. Two officers are fired, and senior commanders reprimanded over the strikes that killed seven aid workers. Israel says their vehicles were misidentified as having Hamas gunmen inside.

Thousands turn out in Iran for the funeral of Revolutionary Guard members…



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  1. You people still watching Western news hahaha 🤣😂 which most content favor Israel and western allies hahaha 🤣 there is no such thing as independent journalism when it comes to western media.

  2. Do a investigation on the 20,000 children and over 35,000 innocent men and women murdered by Israel . Do a investigation on that. Investigate why the USA president is senile and supporting genocide by Israel. Investigate why USA is sending weapons of mass destruction and billions of dollars to Israel. Investigate that. Shame full and beyond evil

  3. Is Hamas helping, blocking, or ignoring the US humanitarian aid to Gaza? The same goes for the Palestinian Authority which is responsible for Gaza residents. Why blame Israel only?

  4. Breaking International Law. If the neighbouring Canadian embassy had a Spynest monitoring the comings and goings they are also partially culpable.
    But Why did the Iranians rock this ?
    Did the Canadians get a prestrike warning ?

  5. Unfortunately mis-identity is a matter of course in Israel, were these victims Palestinians, nobody would have been any the wiser and IOF would HAVE counted the victims as terrorists. This is the moral and the psyche of the IOF. Nothing to see here.

  6. Israel claims that the killing of aid workers was a missidintifictin. If so, why during beheading them and cooking for dinner, soldiers couldn't recognize them yet

  7. Opening border crossings only to target them along their distribution roads downstream with steadily supplied American and British weapons………yep. Humanitarian indeed…….Do not get too enthusiastic……it is most probably just window dressing. Why do you not get some voices expressing the Palestinian views ? DW reporting is so Western centric…..like all Western mainstream media. I have to turn to Aljazeera English and free media outlets on Youtube to get some balanced reporting……..FOR DECADES

  8. What we see in Hollywood movies and real life is totally different. To rescue hostages they conduct special missions they don't unalive civilians. But look what they have done to PALASTINE. It's a shame for all of humanity.

  9. Tyt just posted a video titled ‘Netanyahu DEMANDS house republicans send weapons to him faster.’ Then proceeding on revealing the figures given to the people who has the legislative power and the executive power of the US. Basically Israel owns US.