Dr*g Or Fraud: Obi Cubana Finally Opens Up, Davido Reaches 10 Million, Portable Zazu Says It All

Dr*g Or Fraud: Obi Cubana Finally Opens Up, Davido Reaches 10 Million, Portable Zazu Says It All

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  1. Can't be jealous of this fruit got it here Nigeria food is in UK. Is just the price which is not a problem if you want eat it badly right.

  2. Nice one Obi Cubana ,God Continue bless you Baba 🙏❤👍

  3. Agbolumo I think is African cherry kinda

  4. Dang, N50 for one, 5 for N500😳😱 as a kid I remember when i usually buy this, 5 for N10.. woah…

  5. Bro if anyone gets convicted for drug trafficking in Malaysia and most Asian countries, it is death penalty, not even jail term . So who are these convicted drug Lords that out there still making moves. Naija Govt and Witch hunting

  6. Hope the richest woman have security around if not naija boy go kidnap her oo

  7. Say no to drug o. Zazu zeh. Lol.

  8. Obi,needs to lay low,cos they are watching him "Government" is working towards cracking down on all his operations.

  9. Y zazu de talk like who no get teeth 🙄

  10. I haven't had African Star Apple for over 9years now and Damnnnn things are expensive in Nigeria 😥

  11. I need some over here Biko

  12. Obi Cubana should stay off social media they are using it to tarnish his image people respect & love his brand.


  14. Mummy GO Is in dubai right now her video surface online

  15. Chief daddy was good movie 🎥 if u follow chief daddy 1 u will understand the story line

  16. Abraham 😭😭😭😭😭 weti I do you abeg forgive me adding salt 🧂 on my injuring cherry

  17. Thanks to you and the people supporting the give out may our Creator continue to bless you all , thanks for the update .

  18. Obi was too dramatic with his response 🤣🤣 that’s all I’ll say!

  19. Thank you for the update Abraham!
    I would love to try the African Star Apple.

    QOTD: She should definitely take the opportunity and go to school. They aren’t even married yet.

  20. Daddy freeze is a fool talks too much. Allow Obi to talk jor, he can't help anyone yet the person trying to help will not talk. Bush man 👨

  21. Like am really jealous because am in Lebanon

  22. You are a wicked guy on that agbalumo,is not within my reach

  23. Love doesn't have an age on it…A 65-year-old man can marry an 18-year-old why not them??? Older Nigerian men are marrying young women young enough to be their daughters…So each to it's own!!!

  24. Mummy GO is lying here. How could a Bishop not know that 'hallow' and 'hello' aren't the same, or 'hallow' was in the Lord's Prayer? Mummy GO needs attention.

  25. The girl should go to the school and if the guy leaves it means they are not meant for each other. for the guy to even say that in the first place he does not mean well for the girl. she is still very young and has a long way to go. if she stay and marry the she will regret it later.

  26. ZahZuhZeh to me is a kind of adaptation of YahooZe of Olu Maintain or so.

  27. Obi Cubana, thanks for helping this guy. I'm happy for the guy. Giving open doors.

  28. I love that Tope Alabi music playing in the background while you were pricing 'àgbálùmọ́'.

  29. If that's my family member, na beating she go chop before going abroad to study. 22 yo thinking marriage desperately are you ok??

  30. God go day bless you obi🙏🙏🙏

  31. The girl should go to forder her education in abroad pls

  32. Let that girl chose admission over man oo because lass lass if she chose the guy she go regret am oo

  33. Agbalumo is called Cherry or so

  34. Is this girl really okay she has to go and get her education is very important this is an opportunity for her she should not missed it for a Man or for anybody . If that Man get the same opportunity he will live her and go without thinking of her .✌

  35. Thanks Meckson 😊
    I will choose Abroad ooo cause its going to help us both. But first I will try to make him understand, when he don't. Then make we break up joor after all she is 22 and she has time . Cause what if tomorrow after staying with him , they later broke up..then she will start to regret. The future is more important than any Relationship.

  36. I love my Nigerian peoples

  37. Welcome to our channel

  38. Thanks for the update bro you are the man GOD BLESS YOU

  39. Can we take a moment to talk about how expensive things are in Nigeria right now?? I mean did that lady said 4, five hundred naira😳?? I remember buying 6 for fifty naira years back

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