DRAGON BALL Z Seasons 1-9 Blu-ray Unboxing & POP ANIMATIONS Review!

DRAGON BALL Z Seasons 1-9 Blu-ray Unboxing & POP ANIMATIONS Review!

All of my Funko Pop! Unboxings:…


  1. i know dang well he did not do that to the frieza box.

  2. came here after chris ayers died frieza is lamarrs favorite character from dbz! RIP Chris Ayers

  3. Being a big fan of DBZ I wish that their was a good and affordable home release of Dragon ball z home release beside these its not what the fans deserve. But I am glad you where able to watch the full series! :)

  4. Im the only person who has commented this year so far

  5. Anybody watching this in 2020

    No it's just me

  6. Is every episode completely uncut?

  7. Bruh you’re not supposed to open the box

  8. Me muero! Porque hiciste eso con las cajas????

  9. Hey Lamarr I just want to know where do you get your pop steps at that you put on your bookshelf? Whats the name of them

  10. you should watch my hero academia lamarr!

  11. And the dragon ball super part 1,2,3,4 please

  12. Can you do unboxing of all the dragon ball z movies on blu ray as well

  13. DBZ is my favorite show of all time. I have the whole DBZ set

  14. you should do more vids like this with anime stuff. its hilarious.

  15. I only go to hot topic for pops and other nerd stuff just got chell

  16. Just got season 1 orange box today blue ray cost A LOT

  17. Do you watch dragon ball super and you don’t say naruto right

  18. How do you watch the episodes in order starting from dragon Ball?

  19. Are you excited for the final episode of dragon ball super this week? And the the new dragon ball super movie trailer came out

  20. Omg the pantie abd stocking part XD

  21. I just cried when he ripped the funko pop box

  22. i came for dragon ball, i subbed after one piece

  23. Do these have Bruce Faulconer's soundtrack?

  24. Yay a real dbz fan also I love hearing the Dbz ending angel in the backbround also watch panty and stocking its a good anime the ending will shock u it will leave u like wtf just happened…?

  25. Just because you're a dragon ball z fan I subscribed to your channel.

  26. I wanna know if the episodes are fullscreen or widescreen, cause if they are widescreen, they are a total waste

  27. Your lucky they sent you those

  28. Pssst. Kai is better. Im an old school Toonami DBZ fan. Kai is just way better if you put nastalgia aside.

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