Donald Trump unveils NFT collection | Al Jazeera Newsfeed

Donald Trump unveils NFT collection | Al Jazeera Newsfeed

Former US President Donald Trump revealed he would be selling NFT trading cards on Thursday,…


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  1. I still refuse to believe this was real. Like it feels AI generated. I remember joking that he'd get into NFTs to try to suck money out of his supporters, didn't think he'd actually do it.

  2. This is so ridiculous that when I first saw it I thought it was one of those fake AI-made parodies

  3. I want to see him do a Ru Paul wardrobe collection.

  4. Trump: COWARD in chief. This phony pos would’ve been fragged within three weeks in-country.
    A lot of kids died while this hide-a-bed, fictitious cowboy tried copping feels at NYC clubs.
    Now, this vain, scalp-reduced, girdle-squeezed, diaper-wearing con man has fooled the dumbest in America into believing he’s authentic.

    Trump voters are the folks we see crying to the sane about how Miss Cleo wiped out their savings by selling the idiots a ‘magic carpet’ that would carry them to a Leprechaun‘s part of gold.

  5. I’m here for the Trump mug shot and prison NFT collection. What’s the release date?

  6. i dont get it, why did he embarrass him self for a few more millions or hundreds of thousands of dollars when he already is a wealthy billionaire, makes absolutely no sense at all!

  7. "I'm better then Lincoln, Better then Washington." Imagine any other President saying that, their career would nosedive in an hour.

  8. "Better than Lincoln, better than Washington" 🤣🤣🤣 funniest thing he's ever said 💀

  9. In about 4 years these can be sold for 1 hot dog

  10. The absolute state of right wingers.

  11. President Trump,
    This card thing has me doubt whether I would vote for you again. It makes me so sad.
    Please forgive me I realize what you had done for my country.

  12. He really gives hope to all con artists in America, that there is plenty of gullible dumb Americans out there, that you to can make a living from?

  13. Define Narcissist aka – Donald Trump!!

  14. Oh Donald, put those NFT’s on toilet paper and everybody in America will buy them.

  15. Love him or hate him he's hilarious

  16. This makes him look less serious. As does his refusal to return to Twitter. As does his dinner with Ye and Fuentes. He's done everything to tank himself since his announcement. I dunno, man. It's still a long time before the first Republican primary debate, but he's doing horrible PR in the meantime. This time it's a layup, he's going to have a very weak Democrat opposition based on how terrible things are going for the country, but somehow he's managing to weaken himself more, to the point where he could lose. People with brains don't forget that things were great before the virus, the only complaints they had were stupid social complaints, but economically, everyone was doing well. Remind people of that, on Twitter. Stop acting a fool!

  17. We're clowning Donald Trump while he laughs at our bank accounts

  18. After all, he IS Elijah, ya know. Elijah was a superhero in the Bible 🤗

  19. the face yeah but the body definitely not. he can be the blob or mojo as a marvel villain!!!

  20. Sold out in less than 24 hrs for 5 million

  21. I thought you didn't like Bitcoin sir? I guess NFTs will be the gateway drug.

  22. And yet his base will jump all over these ha ha ha

  23. Dumbass Donald forgot trumpy the Clown 🤡 card🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. Just when you thought 2016 and 2020 couldn’t get any worse… here comes 2024

  25. Where's the card of him getting peed on?

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