Don Lemon & The Devaluation Of Black Employees In Corporate America

Don Lemon & The Devaluation Of Black Employees In Corporate America

Don Lemon was fired from CNN after 17 years to his surprise. Many in our community don’t realize that corporate America doesn’t value us at all.


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  2. They doing everything to keep us from doing things for ourselfs Black people should stay away from the entertainment and sports thats how we promoting them

  3. What did Trump do for us specifically?

  4. We don't need Democracy. Everyone should just provide for themselves. Grow food for themselves, make clothes for themselves, do everything for themselves. This way we won't have anyone to blame but our individual selves.

  5. It's not just Corporate – Private sector America—but even Community Services Institutions / the Public Sector is fraught with specifically Anti Black racism – White Privilege operating in daily work relations, management, human resources issues of hiring promotion and termination. Even in liberalist Canada, the Canadian Human Rights Commission, the institution that was designed to Oversee Human Rights / Anti Oppression in the Federal Govt Workplace has been charged with Anti Black Racism in a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit !! So go figure…

  6. How about ignoring these two Smokescreens period!!

  7. Karma for white supremacists

  8. This is an opportunity for Black media to rise up and take over media…every challenge is an opportunity.

  9. I’ve been saying this for years & after my daughter was born – I only work part-time & most black people on their jobs are the smartest with education but they will promote the worst person with no education or experience ( their own) plus don’t let me start about how lazy they are & have the worst Attitudes & are able to keep their jobs! Everything negative they say about us they really are 10x😅

  10. I live in Washington state, a predominantly white state. A few jobs i have worked, i was the only brother in the building. I can tell you some pretty crazy stories. For example i remember, a white guy came up to me in front of a security guard at that, he stated " that he will F me up out of "nowhere!" Looked me up and down in the process. I basically starting choking him and, put him in a headlock lol. Caught him outside and he tells me that "his best friend is black" and thats how they play lol. "Im not your friend, dont play with me like that" this was at Intel in Bellevue, i was working janitoral for ABM, they had a contract with the company. Thats just one story, i got many! I have met some decent white people though, but Iknow in my heart, at least 70 percent dont like or care for black folk !

  11. Brother Phil, Stay VIGILANT,your work is appreciated.

  12. The most high YAH instructed HIS special people unto Himself to COME OUT OF HER WICKEDNESS AND SEEK HIS Truth wisdom and knowledge DAILY HALLELUYAH.

  13. So,you are telling brothers and sisters to practice PAGANISM and JESUITS BELIEF SYSTEMS??? We're a SET APART NATION under the most high YAH!!!!


  15. Family…anyone, anyone telling you to vote for anyone who is not interested in The Most High or serving Him is not truly for you. He or she is leading you further astray. As long as we continue to be stupid enough to believe fools, no matter who they are, telling us to trust these weticos over The Most High, those of you who do, are going to be greatly disappointed and more angry on top of that for being stupid yet again.

  16. Here is the truthful issue with all of this! As a people, the only people who have been called to be the special people of The Most High, we are obligated to serve Him and not some wetico from either of those worldly parties, Demoncrazy or Republiskins. But because we have so – called leaders or people with influence – wrong, bad influence, telling our people to side with one of these over the other, when we know full well that neither cares about us, we continue to put ourselves in the position of being ostracized by The Most High because we reject Him and His ways for those of men who clearly hate us! Who does that, but a very foolish people? We have The Creator of the entire universe at our disposal but we would rather reject Him and His power for that of men who die and have to stand before Him to be judged by Him. We know these weticos don't care for us and they want to see us gone or they want to be able to continue to abuse us whenever they want and want us to remain quiet while they do, but rather than repent of worshiping Jesus whom they gave us to replace The Most High with, we continue to be caught up in the quagmire which they have created through him for us to continue to be slain by them even while many of us by now should know better than to do that. The Most High knows us, His people and He called us a stiff-necked people. We are very hardheaded and rebellious. We always have been. And to make things really stand out and worse…The Most High said we would reject Him for other gods that the people of the nations in which we would be held captive, would teach us about. He said what would happen to us for doing it and the interesting thing is that all the curses He said would befall us have happened and they have happened while many are still praying to their false god Jesus. You know just because there are passages in the bible which reference the one they call Jesus, the bible being a book of prophecies is also in many cases announcing what will take place without stating that The Most High approves of that person being spoken about but rather letting us know that a particular event is going to take place but if we are wise we will always compare it with what The Most High who doesn't change has said with regards to His laws, statutes and commandments. If what we are being told to follow or obey goes against them or tries to add to them or take away from them in any way, no matter who it is trying to convince us to do so, The Most High has made it clear to us that He doesn't change His mind. Because He is perfect and doesn't make mistakes, why should He have to? Perfection doesn't have to change.

  17. What is that intro song…. please

  18. Juat give up and segregation we are in the zombie apocalypse

  19. To be real thera is no point in. Talkin about how nasty these people are at this point they never gonna change. And youre wastin yoir time and at this point puttin flames on rhe fire

  20. A trip to Ghana very nice. Good luck to everyone that will be able to go on the trip to Ghana.

  21. The girls are missing because they are devalued by our men and society, making them targets for foreign traffickers.

  22. U R rite!
    It comes in all colors!
    I observed this young, white boy, worked so hard, even the customer's notice!
    I did not see him for weeks, He was depressed, one employee said. The store eventually, fired him for not showing up! I thought they should have checked, on the fellow, to see if he was alive!

  23. In Italy they take one month off

  24. We're kind of spoilt here i suppose…

    "In England and Wales, you can count on nine bank holidays taking place in 2023. In Scotland, add an extra for a total of ten bank holidays, with the highest being eleven holidays in Northern Ireland."

    "There is a minimum right to paid holiday, but your employer may offer more than this. The main things you should know about holiday rights are: you are entitled to a minimum of 5.6 weeks paid annual leave (28 days for someone working five days a week)"

  25. These black people look like they're so hurt and surprised when whites do them dirty as though it's a novelty. Are they blind and ignorant or do they really believe the hope? It's funny to me when they get the hammer dropped on their heads and they're surprised! Ahhh duh!

  26. I get 7 weeks off rip i love my career

  27. Shalom Bro. Phil you should've put in a lawsuit against that petro company because you had no writeups

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