Do You Love Me?

Do You Love Me?

Our whole crew got together to celebrate the start of what we hope will be a happier year: …


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  1. When a bunch of robots have better dance skills than I do!

  2. Somehow this is creepier than when they do alll the acrobatics.

  3. YEEEEEESSSSS !!!!!!
    (Thank you, The Contours, 1962. And again 1988 from the film Dirty Dancing 1987!)

  4. Me and the boys at the doodad and doohickey convention

  5. The dog is creepier than shit

  6. This would get you the death penalty in Dune

  7. More than two years and this is still my number 1 comfort video. I have never seen anything better than this. So in love ❤

  8. This is so freaking awesome !

  9. Wow ❤😂🎉wow.

  10. I get that dancing is a great way to demonstrate mobility, and it's great for PR, but something about dancing robots really pisses me off.

  11. Im scared, but also dancing

  12. They must be capable of more than what's being shown here….where's their vicious side? Hmmm….will I someday be attacked by an appliance?….in my house?😊😊

  13. Dancing on a carpet of human skulls

  14. Dancing robots, AI, real lightsabers – we are well on our way to star wars being reality.

  15. with each viewing, what amazes me the most is not the robotics, it's the human spirit, the way the human spirit gives life to forms that move … the spirit human gives life to these heaps of scrap …

  16. ATLAS KNOWS TAI CHI? I've seen this video so many times and never caught that slow high kick.

  17. The Robots want to know……
    Did you pay your taxes?
    Did you park in the wrong spot?
    Did you question the fraudulent election?
    ……you’ll have to come with us

  18. I typed dancing AI’s on YouTube and this video came up. I thought about having AI’s in my original, copyrighted music videos. It would amazing having AI’s do what I sing in my song titled Get On Up. Thanks for sharing this on YouTube. Thanks for reading my comments. Be on the lookout for AI’s dancing to my songs. I am 66 years and six days of age. Spread the news. Smiles

  19. I am a human & I can't dance this good !

  20. Is this real?
    Has anyone seen these bots do this with their own eyes?
    Im not saying it isnt possible or that this is a rouse but a mate of mine has questioned it.
    Thought id ask the cyberverse.

  21. 🎶Yes I loving you!🎶

  22. Did you hear about the ' fellowmen, in the Quran. Never is het astray nor does he speaks

  23. Lady Gaga could be the first singer with robots dancing in a music video. And the robots using some weird outfits. Would be awesome!

  24. It is so funny that so many people take this quality Computer Generated Imagery for a real thing :DDDD

  25. Angustiante, detestável.

  26. Propaganda video for AI! Machines understand art, dancing and LOVE! BS! 🤖💩

  27. Imagine this robot intergrate with AI likes chat gpt.

  28. We do love you robot dog

  29. At first it looked cute. But then I saw all of the more advanced moves. Such as the K-9 unit and it's neck and the humanoid one standing with one leg up in the air like a dance might.
    Just tell me that you are not going the way of, I robot. Haha.

  30. Need so bad a version of this with Machine Create fron Venjent now

  31. Этот "парень"- танцует лучше меня..

  32. Bro I swear why they have to dance on arena with what it seems like thicc ass glass and barriers. Like what? They could destroy something by dancing

  33. This is not scary. This is inspiring for me. This shows humans can make anything possible

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