DL Hughley on Charleston White's Disgusting Comments about Abusing Babies & Women (Part 14)

DL Hughley on Charleston White's Disgusting Comments about Abusing Babies & Women (Part 14)

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  1. Charleston White is a pos and whoever support that sick mfka has to be mentally unstable.

  2. Charleston White is a POS. He’s ignorant as hell too. That’s why white people like him because he goes on these red pill you tube channels and spews ignorant stuff that they like because it gives them cover for their racism (see Fresh n Misfit). But in the end, he’s just another uneducated fool who wants white validation for clicks and to make some money.

  3. cw is a sad individual I actually was starting to like him but fck him that’s a horrible thing to say tf

  4. DL fake tail into it now 😊

  5. It's a lot of dudes that agree with and will take up for Charleston however

  6. This man just said there’s 5 billion Asians then went on to say there’s more monuments of George Floyd in Asian than America😂😂😂

  7. Rappers do it all the time but D.L. you play that shit on your radio station daily !!!

  8. When he gone say that about all these racist white comedians

  9. Those democrats you ride for are into the shit DL…. Do you know that…

  10. Hughley what have u done for yo city or neighborhood tho compared to CW? We know why u will turn against your own, the love of 💰

  11. The jokes write themselves… George Floyd having one statue is ridiculous. CW is outlandish. Screw most Asians DL and Agent Glad are whining also DL forgot about his dead illegitimate son real quick 😂

  12. Goofy emotional and feminine!

  13. If he so upset with uncle ruckus why he didn’t just dialogue with him instead of talking to a pale face about family business!

  14. he said he is a free speech supporter, with that said wtf are you complaing about. you didnt like what he said then so be it, he has a right to say it

  15. Now I’m really understanding Charleston fr everybody is proving his point nobody has a issue with rappers n the shit they say but when he repeats it or says something crazy he gets crucified

  16. Talk about Charleston keep making him rich.. shit talk about me… Boost me up..

  17. Chapelle has a bit that is known as "How old is 15 really" and it talks about underage people… but it was in the context of a joke. I get what Hughley is saying.

  18. Charleston White will say anything controversial for clicks and views.

    His agenda is to stir up s–t to get people to react.

    He has no talent so talking s–t is his game.

    These Artists and Actors shouldn't even respond or mention his name because you

    are given him free press. Ignore the cockroach and he will crawl away.


  20. Man f**k that. Joke or not. Talking about the rape of kids and women, and even men, anybody is totally uncool.

  21. I hated that CW said that shit, because 97% of the shit that comes out of his mouth is real shit and he’s stating the obvious. But the rape talk has no value. Especially if you work with kids.

  22. Vlad has interviewed battle rappers who have said worde things … i guess when they talk about the torrid shit they do or the drill rappers its crickets 😅 hilarious

  23. Charleston White needs to be cancelled.if there was a n*gha that should be cancelled..thats a dude that should be.Oh…he didnt mention the special groups that are untouchable…you know who im talking!!

  24. Charleston the puppet master!!! Lol

  25. Dudes daughter told him his mans touched her and he didnt believe her…nigga has no valid opinion on life ever..no real man will ever forgive him for that…

  26. Dl hughley is the most white people hatin race baiting man in America he cant say nothin about NOTHIN he needs to be canceled before ANYBODY!

  27. Charleston white don't need vladtv bruh


  29. It’s truth tho what he says is bizzare

  30. Vlad wouldn’t mind if it was black on black


  32. You Giving Clout Too Him Vlad U Bugging!

  33. Vlad has a problem with Charleston because he does not want to come to his platform… I salute Charleston for being stand up!! He’s one of the few who won’t bow down to this culture vulture. Boosie has done some sick things, and you still have him as a regular. Black people wake up!

  34. So embarassed for DL. Now Charleston straight put this cuck on blast. Bastard child…..lol

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