DJ Brown Skin Wife Sharon Njeri Described As A Vibe Not Dramatic, Friends & Neighbors Share More.

DJ Brown Skin Wife Sharon Njeri Described As A Vibe Not Dramatic, Friends & Neighbors Share More.


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  1. Wacha afe sumu alijipa mwenyewe, nkt

  2. creul, cruel cruel man!!! I don't care how you justify it, This man is evil!!! God be with those kids.. This was gut wrenching to watch!

  3. She was drugged to her suicidal confusion 😢‼️🙈

  4. I feel so sorry for sharon

  5. I just feel the devil is real maybe husband sucrificed her in away Sharon to take away her life herself …

  6. At time you need to stand as a man and let a woman do what she wants

  7. His kids have to keep seeing this for the rest of their life, the same man will have a desire of calling some's daughter his wife, his kids have to marry and the daughters have to get married, he expects to have grand children, the older he grows, the few friends he will have, he will have nights, God have mercy on His, 'coz after us talking about it, then its him to hold its thickness alone, he has not felt it yet ,he will feel it with time, its the circle of Life, he can't escape it unless he decide the same path😎

  8. He wanted her to die why did he refuse the neighbors to take her to hospital? Kindly check the video on what the neighbors had to say. They had to restraint him to take her. He pushed one of the guys who came to help and he fell and cut his below on the glass table.

  9. where are the fucking police

  10. Ni wakati WA wanafreemasion kuanikwa labda aliambiwa ampeane na akaambiwa hiyo ndio jia atatumia na akimuokoa ni yy atakufa

  11. Wish they'd gone for counselling, It SEEMS behind closed doors they were having issues.

  12. I've learned that these smiles are only for the social media. The DJ was sick and tired of being threatened with suicide. He wanted a way out. If only He would have been courageous to walk out of the relationship she would have been alive

  13. Social media is show biz you can see people smiling to the moon and back but behind the scenes their lives are just opposite to what you admire.

    Anybody out there whenever someone threatens to commit suicide or attempts suicide please don't take it lightly.Its a cry out for help take them immediately for phyco therapy, don't even try to record them for evidence it might be their final attempt.Mental illness is real and it's time it's taken seriously like other diseases.

  14. I feel for the one dating that Dj now he dnt deserve to hve any kind of woman in his life.

  15. Woiye,wish she had the courage to leave earlier,mental peace muhimu.alafu madem date from other races,east African men will dissapoint you.

  16. Did you know that what you see on social media is not the reality of life? Intact most couples post nice photos on social media to cover or hide or run away from their abusive and dramatic marriage. Ask size 8…. ask kabi wa Jesus. Kwa ground vitu ni different…. anyway, rest in peace shaz.

  17. Not all that is Glittering is Gold acha tu nikae kwa Nyumba yangu ya Mabati na shida zangu May God See to it that her Justice is found.

  18. It doesn't matter if she was dramatic or not, she's a human being for heaven's sake, hata heri angempeleka polisi aki, she would still be here. Alafu he had the audacity to go to her burial, Njeri angekuwa wetu heri nilipe watu apigwe mob justice. RIP beautiful😭😭😭

  19. The lies and Pressure on Shosho Media 😢😢😢…. Terrible State Of Affairs.

  20. Surely how can a mother of your young children take her life while you watch and not bothered. Did you really love your wife really. If your mum did that where will you be by now. Shame on the DJ. You could have informed her parents or friends to hand her over to the police

  21. She wasn't problematic at all…she just lived her life such a free soul.

  22. Sadly looks can be very deceiving .

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