Devin Haney has to build himself back

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Devin Haney has to build himself back

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  1. The difference between Spence/Crawford is they came in with no physical disadvantages. If E
    Ryan won under even physical playing fields then I'd agree to no rematch. Even with Bivol/Canelo. Rematch under even playing fields remove all the asterisks (*). #rematch

  2. Ryan garcia You're one of my favorite boxers and you're My son favorite boxer.
    My son is a left-handed. And he's working. On his left hook. He's 14 years old and works out. A got him some glows and a punching bag. He's trying to be like ryan garcia That's my son, his name is Juan Peralis.

  3. I've been saying that and then I run into this video I agree. No, rematch, this was like the NB. A 4 out of 7 Garcia takes the championship. It's over move on, Ryan Garcia. Go look for some More haters that you can be on.

  4. Devin is really going to duck every top contender now. Devin and Bill thought they chose an easy win and it backfired. Only way Devin can redeem himself is to go see TANK,SHAKUR OR PITBULL CRUZ and we all know he will NEVER do that. A glass-jaw and NO DEFENSE is a making for disaster.

  5. Naw this jawn deserves a rematch, they might as well run it back another two more times too, make it 9 fights all together. Ryan didn’t look nice he just landed. We all know Haney fought a crazy fight but nonetheless we know that Haney just took his first lost he should definitely get a rematch. Just to get back on his first loss. I wanna see the grudge match between these two frfr

  6. Did you feel Anthony Joshua deserved a rematch after getting destroyed by Ruiz? Boxers get hit in the temple can change the fight. Don’t mean it will happen in the rematch. If Ryan beats him again like that then cool but I have a feeling that temple shot in round 1 threw his entire game off.

  7. Because one paid judge scored 112-112 it doesn't means it was closed Devin. Ryab beat the shit out of you, and its not the 3 lb, fight night Haney was at 165 and Ryan at 161.

  8. Bill and Dev after Loma: "Wasn't close, Loma doesn't deserve the rematch"

    Bill and Dev after Ryan: "Close fight, I deserve the rematch"

    Boi… that some big time 🧢 right there 😂😂😂😂

  9. Sir how we goin to act like we can’t get rematch especially with the circumstances at hand that night …when Ali and Frazier fought Frazier drops Ali in fight one and won Ali comes back the next fight and wins close unanimous decision and then we get war in manilla…thts just of one example of fighters losing but coming back for a rematch and winning .

  10. Errol Spence jr has been at 147 for most of his career 😂😂😂😂 what are you talking about? I believe Errol had been at that weight class too long he should have been moved up to 154 Bud Crawford is used to make 147 we all know Errol Spence Jr. can't make 147 anymore, and he basically gave Bud everything he wanted to make the fight Happen Bud wasn't moving up to 154 to fight Spence be realistic

  11. A rematch gon be worse. Ryan was on video January 29, 2024 saying "Bill would get three chances to save Devin during that fight. Let's see if Bill gon save his son. "

    Bill did not save Devin.