DEVIL INCARNATE – A Nigerian Movie

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DEVIL INCARNATE – A Nigerian Movie

This Nigerian movie is about Prophet Ubaka who goes around in the name of God deceiving people, incurring pain and tears in the different families until he met Janet not Knowing she was beyond what she appeared to be.

A Nigerian movie starring; Harry B Anyanwu, Ken Hadley Bestman, Stanley Ebuka

Movie title – Devil…



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  1. This is mostly what you call a fake pastor do I even surprised that nobody dropped out of the church fake pastor Banbanza got what he did with the law serves him right this also teaches a lesson to be careful of what church you go to not all are God's church they're Satan church as well God help us

  2. 😂😂😂😂😂the herbalist was given 4 dirty slaps to a point he factory set he can ran away..but all the same God is the way,the truth and the life…he is the light and provider of all we need