Details of Raila Odinga – William Kabogo Meeting at Jaramogi Foundation before Hospitalization

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Details of Raila Odinga – William Kabogo Meeting at Jaramogi Foundation before Hospitalization

Details of Raila Odinga and William Kabogo Meeting at Jaramogi Foundation before Hospitalization

Former Kiambu Governor, William Kabogo disclosed that he had a meeting with ODM leader Raila Odinga, a day before he checked into Nairobi Hospital at his Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Foundation offices. His revelation came shortly after Odinga…



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  1. lee what are you smoking? You mean Prezzo is worried not to loose in NJunja in our beloved County 22?trust me uou won't even see any Hyped Campaigns Kiambu sio Muranga kwa kina Ndindi,Wahomes na hako ka kijana Kanga'ta

  2. Thank God one of Jamhuri leaders is getting well. Pole kwa ugonjwa

    Lakini jameni, Wajaluo second largest representation
    Some of us who are not politicians are very Lost!! We mean; What is democracy if the only representative from the Luo community is a single human being. The community is to blame. They chose to worship one of them in dictatorial regimes. Not mentoring several more to step in and follow in the footsteps.

    Then, when pre and post election atmosphere hits, people get super emotional and refuse to focus on the real problem.Kindly follow democracy like all other tribes who have at least 5 possible candidates.

    BBI discussed pre and post election violence.
    This is one but one of the elephants in the room
    Kenya is not GEMAand Luo. Other 40+ tribes have eyes wide open as well and this is a cry of many

    Wishing all political leaders well as they realize how many lives are usually at stake, under their leadership

    With All due respect

    A humble Kenyan cries out

  3. Not only kabogo but I find my friend Murathe as one competent Kenyan & deserving person to succeed president Uhuru kenyatta.
    I recommend he be given the running mate position to Raila since alot 2 must go to mt kenya region. He deals with issues in a manner that is Frank & honest enough.

  4. mwizi has not entrenched in central what you see and hear is the effect of the billions looted by the kale looters mafia in the 24yrs of the corrupt and dictatorial moi regime; this looted billions is used to buy the political noise of the greedy takataka mps to abuse uhuru and the buying of kenyan media to give political narrative and impression that this kale is popular in mt kenya

  5. Lee wait and see what happens in juja..kabogo has zero votes after he went against ruto..Mt.kenya is now a ruto strong hold 💪..ruto's hustler narrative resonates totally with the ground unless tectonic political shifts happen..Dr.william is a constant in the Mt.kenya political equation

  6. great analysis though still think Mt.Kenya has no serious representative at this time. I would say the same if Agwambo was not there the Luos have leaders resembling headless clowns

  7. NO, THAT IS NOT TRUE. the deep state is using him to lie to RAO. RAO, should stay steady and bolt out immediately after the refrendum. their is nothing good remaining for RAO after the referrundum. RAO, should be very careful now that he has known what is transpiring. Mudavadi is being groomed for the presidency, that is why all the people that used to be around RAO from the Kieleweke faction are no more. None of those real loud mouth Kieleweke factions are around. that is a clear sign that something else is cooking. The government mole is talking about WSR joning RAO after the referrendum because he already knows that somebody else is being groomed to take the government through the deep state support as witnessed in Matungu recently. where did the kakamega senator get the money he was bribing voters in front of the police. obviously that was the deep state money. RAO BE WARE OF THE LIES BEING DISPLAYED IN YOUR FACE. ALWAYS HAVE 2ND AND 3RD OPTIONS, I KNOW AND BELIEVE IN YOU, YOU CAN DO IT.

  8. Mr lee you might not have much regard of the DP, and probably that’s why you’ve been using the word taming towards the DP, this word doesn’t apply, the DP is doing what he’s supposed to be doing. All these leaders are in the line of duty, “politics” and they all deserve equal respect.