Details Leak How Raila Odinga will Beat William Ruto in 2022 Presidential Election | Kenya Politics

Details Leak How Raila Odinga will Beat William Ruto in 2022 Presidential Election | Kenya Politics

Odm leader Raila Odinga’s percieved strongholds have the largest bloc of 9.3 million potential new voters who could influence the outcome of the 2022 presidential election.

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  1. Lee, This is now speculation. How can The Nation start "knowing" who has more of the new votes? These are the innuendos that cause unnecessary anxiety in the populace. The next thing is tensions, rigging accusations, etc. Why not just campaign, vote and have a winner …..and all accept?. No need to start suggesting one has already won, another is being prepared to lose, State Machinery is beIng used to get a certain result, etc, etc. That is setting the ground for the usual electoral friction we need to avoid.

  2. Mr.Lee just tell Raila to start preparing himself to go to court in 2022 immediately after the presidential election. He will be defeated and he will not accept as usual we know. Now Raila has already taught Uhuru the same behaviour. Just see after the Kiambaa by elections Raila and Uhuru ran to court.very very useless people. Ruto will deal with you all.

  3. Am begining to feel THE OBVIOUS in your analysis.
    What do i mean…Dont make me see you as someone who will ANALYSE ONLY TO TELL RAILA WILL WIN!!!

    Now Analyse and tell me HOW RUTO WILL WIN RAILA.
    Failure to that i will begin ignoring you!!

  4. Subtract western and Ukambani from Raila figures. He lost it courtasy of his foot soldiers arrogance and mistrust. You can't treat western leaders negativity and expect the same region to vote for you

  5. Allow me to say that all factors that shall influence how these politics of tribe and numbers is played come 2022 has both WSR & RAO in the same quagmire. None of them as at now has a clear path to statehouse. A day in politics can be equated to a thousand of normalcy. Sir WSR, the DP of Kenya should never be underestimated even for a sec. He is an embodiment of political enigma in the making portraying and depicting each and everyday all the admirable and unique attributes of the young and energetic RAO and this makes him very unpredictable lethal politically. On the other hand RAO's undisputed reputation as the father of democracy and the master of Kenyan politics is not well entrenched in the Jubilee generations(18-22 yr olds). This is the dangerous demographic sect that Raila is yet to gain their support. Sir WSR is already resonating well with them. Mark you, they count for more than a half of the newly projected voters come 2022. I summarize by saying that Ruto has a lot of cards to play to guarantee his bid considering he has money and some sympathizers within deep state. Raila on the other hand has rich experience based on his stolen victories and the overt and covert machinations deployed day in day out by the deep state to deny him his hard earned, well deserved and merited victories over the yrs. So, they both stand a chance. They are at equilibrium at the moment. This will shift slowly on either side as time passes by. One's mistake(s) will be the ultimate arsenal that shall carry and deliver the other to state house.

  6. I think your analysis is ignoring possible coalitions that will be coming up. If your focus is Raila beating Ruto and ignoring those coalitions, you have missed the point with a very big margin .

  7. i cannot even finish watching this. those are just very sloppy maths you doing. politics is about numbers yes, but kikuyus wake up to vote only if raila is in the ballot. Clinton had the support of Obama, but she lost. it is how well you convince the people to wake up in large numbers to vote, its not about what region has what percentage of people. convince people to vote.


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