Deprivation and Denial of The Right To Education Is A Policy To Produce Future Bandits -Aborisade

Deprivation and Denial of The Right To Education Is A Policy To Produce Future Bandits -Aborisade

Barrister Femi Aborishade has stated that the deprivation and denial of the right to education is nothing but a policy to produce future…


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  1. The only person who is not seeing anything bad in Buhari administration is the so called man of God who is continuously telling his followers that Buhari is the best thing that ever happened to Nigeria. My people talk, speak out, our country have been bad but it has never been as bad as it is today. Nigeria is finished.

  2. Policy "to produce" future bandits?..or has produced a large population of bandits and is still producing current bandits….The Nigerian education system has needed fixing for along time now.

  3. Unfortunately those idiots don't care. Fire for fire is only way out.
    Get Tinubu family murder along side with some of their allies. And watch if they will not sit tight

  4. Continue to make noise. Nigeria is irredeemable, whoever that is praying for the unity of Nigeria is either ignorant or beneficiary of the corrupt system designed to favor the lazy northerners. The only solution to the Nigeria situation is disintegration. The foolishness of Nigerians are something that has never been seen in any country. 90% of political elites, leaders has property abroad, send their kids abroad to study and you're expecting them to develop Nigeria. Honestly, the spell they cast on the masses are working, no doubt about it

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