Democratic Republic of the Congo and Republic of the Congo Compared

Democratic Republic of the Congo and Republic of the Congo Compared

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  1. Should the DRC and Congo Republic join forces and form one super country? Also, which other African countries and/or cities should I compare next?
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    And finally, don't forget to check out Jabzy's video about the Second Congo War, the deadliest war since WWII:

  2. Are both French language countries

  3. Would you ever fuck off with your sarcastic bollocks and do a proper video?

  4. The distance between brazzaville and kinshasa makes this sound like a joke

  5. sadly colonialism still haunts the Congo as it does for most of Africa, western countries doing their thing screw them all.

  6. Thats where I come from. Drc. Thanks to Mr beat for making this video

  7. Fun facts: Papua New Guinea speaks the most languages, with a whopping 820 languages.
    Ecuador is the closest country to space, due to it lying on the equator.
    Mount Everest grows by around 44 MM a year.
    South Africa has 11 official languages and 3 capitals (Cape Town, Bloemfontein and Pretoria.)

  8. That’s odd, the story I’ve been told about Leopold gaining the Congo was way different. I was told that all European powers wanted it, but gave it to Leopold in return for Leopold keeping the borders open

  9. Lets be real both of them are 3rd world African countries. 20 years later it will be the same nothing will change

  10. Vatican City is literally in rome 😂

  11. Mbote !! Thank you so much to compare my country (🇨🇬) and my neighbour and to do understanding to several people our importance and role.
    Don't hesitate to come here you'll be always welcome. It's a goodness for me (naza ko sepela biloko ozo Sala, yesu a batela yo❤️) merci 💖💝💘

  12. 10:03 I love how a lot of the continent is "Ethiopia" here but Ethiopia isn't in that area.

  13. DRC is known as RDC in french

  14. only 19 and a half years left until part two

  15. Interesting ……not a word of 800 years of Muslim atrocities.

  16. You make the video and you co-found yourself. RDC is just DRC in French. It is not another name of Congo-Brazzaville

  17. This is what it looks like hiking in a flooded forest in the Republic of the Congo.

  18. Be supper vigilant in this country full of crooks and thieves, do not go there if it is not necessary!!!!!!!

  19. drc haves to worry about lake kivu

  20. I once had this random job of being the mic person at a convention where Richard Branson spoke with a ton of other rich people from all over the country…probably the world.. and they were talking about how the next frontier of economic investment and riches was in Africa. This was about 10 years ago and it is very clear that China has taken this to heart.

  21. Some false info and bad publicity about these great countries.

  22. un pays d'escrocs et de voleurs, Kinshasa est une ville en ruine les routes sont lamentables! il ne faut jamais aller dans ce pays, ca ne vaut pas la peine y a que des voleurs à tous les niveaux, la corruption est au très haut niveau

  23. To say the DRC has been relatively peaceful recently isn't correct at all.

  24. Mad how King Leopoldo is never mentioned as one of the most evil men in history.
    Belgium got away with this atrocity

  25. Having traveled extensively in central and southern Africa I guarantee that one must always recognize that the southern half of the continent is a damn train wreck.

  26. i love drc, best country ever but i liked it when zaire was a thing 🙂

  27. Going to the Congo this summer ☺️

  28. Cant wait for it 😈

  29. 10:5810:59 "The dark continent"? That's racist!

  30. >DR Congo

    The DRC is always portrayed as a MD or witch doctor in polandball comics cause of this

  31. фигня у тебя есть ничего говорить

  32. they are overwhelmed by world powers bullying

  33. now I Know More About my Mums Heritage and Country she was Born In Republic of Congo Thx 🇨🇬💖😭💔

  34. Can you compare Jamaica and the Bahamas in your future video

  35. Is it me or you called it boring 😭?

  36. Due to the legacy of foreign influence 😄😄 You are a diplomat

  37. The divide and conquer maps of the world should go away. The countries should unite. They are essentially the same people who would benefit from a a bigger marketplace.

  38. Belgium still did a lot of good in the Congo. if not for them some parts of the world would still be in the stone age while the other is in the space age, like those uncontracted tribes you mnetioned but a whole country.

  39. "The Kingdom of Kongo lasted until 1859"

    Little did the inhabitants know, they would soon be subject to inhumane cruelty and torture for years…

  40. At the Copa, Copacabana…..

  41. This Is Why I Call Congo "Brazzaville" And DRC "Kinshasa" It Also Helps Me With The Capitols!

  42. isn't RDC just DRC but in French? -> République Démocratique du Congo

    i imagine it means something else too that would apply to Congo Brazza…. is it simply République Du Congo? lmao

  43. We are one people from Ngola to Cameroun. Why comparing us. Imperialistes stop. Ingeta.

  44. I love mama Africa. Somaliland!!

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