Demetra- Talib Kweli Accused Me Of Supporting Candace Owens Because I Called Out Patrisse Cullors

Demetra- Talib Kweli Accused Me Of Supporting Candace Owens Because I Called Out Patrisse Cullors

Demetra Kaye reports on Talib Kweli accusing her of supporting Candace Ownes because she called out Patrisse Cullors too.

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  2. I thought he was a conscious rapper, but now I see he needs to just stick to rapping.

  3. He sold out a while ago. So don’t worry bout it.

  4. Kweli is a Democrat shill whose literally on the payroll. Don't expect him to approach any situation from a genuine perspective.

  5. Black people also need to feel safe from scammers like this woman.

  6. I can't stand Talib Kweli. Went toe to toe with him about reparations being for ACTUAL descendants of slavery. He's a fool.

  7. the entertainers' moto: all publicity is good publicity. for talib, even if it makes him to appear incompetent- 🤷🏿‍♂️

  8. Peace FBA/B1 family,
    I like both of these commentators:Talib & Demetra.
    However,i gonna hv 2 agree with Demetra on this one.
    Just bc you don't insult a person(Candace)doesn't mean you "like or agree" with their actions.
    Candace was exposing Patrisse for her own personal benefit. Candace wasn't doing it to empower the Black community.
    She was trying to please white mommy & daddy.

  9. Talib is a Democratic shill and tether. He was all in on the Kamala train and unapologetically so.

  10. This woman was not harassing this itch! she just lying as usual…they are both black immigrants…so wtf!!!

  11. Both women are hideous, I don’t know who’s more hideous.

  12. I’ve been calling Talib out for years. He’s a bum, and anything he is challenged on he acts like a toddler.

  13. More power to you sister Demetra!

  14. most folks don't know that his brother worked on the Kamala Harris campaign for president and he came after Breaking Brown behind a comment about Kamala "don't do nothing fo' Black folk" Harris

  15. I would've told that wench to get the hell off my property just as anyone else would've said to her with the Authority of cussing her ass out! Who does she think of bringing a TV crew to some home! If that's the case do that to the Republican party members that see black people invisible saying Democrats aren't helping us when they don't do a damn thing neither! She's got her damn nerve!

  16. Talib has shown several times to be a Tether Saboteur. He was against FBA getting Reparations, he’s a Democratic Shill, and he supports Anti FBA Policies.

  17. Shoot a broken clock ⏰ can be right once a day as far as Candace is concerned lol 😂

  18. Ohh i see this is a african all up in blackfolks business…go fix your home country …

  19. What's wrong with being down with Candace Owens

  20. Who cares about a rap n*gga, NEXT

  21. Talib comes off as full of himself these days… Was a fan of his music through the years . But politically he takes himself too seriously… He's not right all the time… but he thinks he is

  22. Talib, Talib….. SMMFH……..

  23. Kweli is one of my favorite artists. I am all for exposing Patrice but I am not giving Candace Owens props like African diaspora has. Phil was basically patting Candace on the back, knowing that she has an ulterior motive.

  24. I love you for the truth, even when you tell it on me. you black woman

  25. I don't support BLM or Candace Owens!Owen's!! Definitely NOT Candace Owen's!! ALL I SUPPORT IS THW BLACK WOMAN & EVERYTHING THAT COMES FROM HER. 4UK Candace Owen's, BLM is a gay movement NOT A Pro-Black American Movement

  26. We need to make them pay for stealing and shaming us by raiding the donations for BLM. White folks are using this as a propaganda tool to enhance their chances of promoting white supremacy among their people.

  27. This is the way WS works. Divide and rule

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