Demetra- Michelle Obama Takes Credit From Big Mama And Them And Gives It To Ketanji Brown Jackson

Demetra- Michelle Obama Takes Credit From Big Mama And Them And Gives It To Ketanji Brown Jackson

Demetra Kaye reports on Michelle Obama taking credit from Big Mama and them and giving it to Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. We as Sistas really need to stop the madness.

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  1. Anyone can kiss up. In Ketanji Brown Jackson's case, Judge Jackson sold 500 black current and former Lockeed Martin employees up the river, to get her bona fides.

  2. It the oldest ruse in the books to get Blacks votes and energy towards the Democrats without Blacks recognizing and wanting nothing tangible or substantial for the collective.

  3. All that Loud Ranting and SAID nothing!

  4. Demetria ain’t telling no lies in this video 💯 & Jennifer is embarrassing for doing her butter biscuit dance to celebrate the female version of Clarence Thomas she beee to go sit down somewhere 😒🤦🏾‍♂️

  5. There you go. Let it be known.

  6. 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯. Tell um Queen Dee!!

  7. Just Go Away !!!
    Just Go Away Obummers !!!

  8. Sadly Judge Jackson think 🤔 her daughters are better than the Obama Ladies because they are half white and the Obama Ladies are a 1/4 of white 😞😳🤯‼️‼️‼️

  9. When will people stop looking at the color of the person and look at what they do that woman is not for people who love children.

  10. What is so interesting is the seat is not vacant as of now. Politics!

  11. Imagery and visualization is important.
    A child doesn’t ever have to meet the people they aspire to be. I never meet Shirley Chisholm or Harriet Tubman.
    We want our children to do greater works so we be the be role models we can be and give other examples for them to look to for their own person goals.
    There’s nothing wrong with that.

  12. I agree with 99% of this assessment, except that it's the usual case where no one talks about the positive role in the development of kids, that males should play and often do play in all of this except just the role of procreation.

  13. If they take white Jesus out of there house, maybe their kids could look up to them.

  14. I love you kaye 4 saying de truth with a crush.

  15. I'm slapping the butter biscuits out of their mouths in the midterms.🤜💥

  16. She isn't even foundational Black woman. She isn't from black America's lineage.

  17. I agree with your commentary. I also like your fresh new look. Very natural and lovely.

  18. …1984'…………………………….2024'…

  19. So true Demetra Kaye! 👍🤗☺️

  20. Michelle u forgot to say they need A zaddy

  21. Speak it Mrs. K!! Nina Simone would be proud of the look!

  22. WOW that is a beautiful perception. You be your childrens road model. Good advice.

  23. Why does who I'm laying with or my dilution as a black person have to come into play when determining am I eligible to be a top decision maker in America?

  24. I agree with you and been tired of hearing this.

  25. They are trying really hard to make us care about this woman.

  26. Is this the same Michelle that congratulated a child/minor on social media for the world to see for announcing I'm a girl instead of a boy……for any adult celebrating a child's deviant sexual behavior losses all credibility with me.

  27. Another Democratic shield, people wake up from this nightmare,

  28. @4:46 PREACH👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿

  29. Say that Demetra speak that truth

  30. The butter biscuit brigade has added another member smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  31. Great video coverage Queen Michelle is part of the league of mammies! And she's going to blow the bullhorn for the Democratics!

  32. If her husband was black they wouldn't even look at her is because she has white connections and 99,999 %of the time they always lean on their white side of the fence

  33. I like what Demetra is saying and I agree 100 PERCENT!!

  34. Look at her history on voting issues time after time she went against the black community.

  35. Per Demetra Kaye: "Aren't most democrats Christians?" Answer: NO. Black democrats tend to be church goers. There's a difference.

  36. My people (mainly our women)stop this stuff, it's not becoming of you.stop being so doscile, simple, sottish, foolish,stop looking up to these people that don't even have you're best interest at heart.

  37. A lot of our older brothers and sisters really need to watch THIS channel💯. Do they KNOW her bias history or are they just blatantly ignoring it??

  38. Reality sucks for to many, not me.

  39. Michelle Obama's dream is our nightmare… girl bye 👋🏾 our girls are wide awake to the smoke and mirrors 🙄

  40. Yeah, the female Clarence Thomas, the African American history is strong enough and to be proud of, agree with everything you said!!!

  41. I look up to the people in my life that have helped me along the way.. And I have the highest love and respect for anyone who believes in, preach and teach blk empowerment.. My loyalties belong to the B1 nation!!

  42. It would probably be more constructive for people classified as black to stay focused on replacing the System of Racism White Supremacy with a System of Justice rather than focusing on what Victims of Racism are saying and doing. My observation has been that Victims of Racism are extremely confused about Racism and will say and do anything. At the end of the day we are going to have to learn how to deal with the people who believe in and practice Racism White Supremacy. To my knowledge no black person has that capability and therefore do not deserve a great deal of attention and focus unless I have been misinformed.

  43. Her appointment means absolutely NOTHING to me!! With her mayonnaise husband!! Ketanji ain't nothin' but a Kamala Harris variant! Smh

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