Demetra- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Claims Elvis Presley Introduced Black Music To White Audiences

Demetra- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Claims Elvis Presley Introduced Black Music To White Audiences

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Demetra Kaye reports on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar claiming that Elvis Presley introduced Black music to white audiences while talking about…


  1. Elvis was a pedophile too they don't talk about that.

  2. I think that he is trying to stay relevant ..he need to have several seats…Some places do that to some of our people.😆we start living a particular type of life and then we start imagining that these people actually like us..lolxx

  3. elvis was the king of white fragility: Why else would it be so important to downgrade KING James Brown to godfather?

  4. We're The Best at ( EVERY🤴🏿👸🏿THING )..!!! 👨🏿‍🎓💪🏿👩🏿‍🎓💯👍🏿⏰🚀👑🔥☝🏿💰🙏🏿🍾🍽🏋🏾‍♂️🏀🏈⚾️🥊🥋🥇🏆🏅🎫 😎👍🏿

  5. I’m fed up with our people who love to sell out their own 🙏🏾💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

  6. White people were introduced black music from black artists. That's why their parents originally called rock and roll N word music.

  7. Karrem has always been a sale out. Did we expect anything else from him.

  8. NAW….Elvis stole alot of his music from black blues musicians where he grew up. KAREEM IS BEGINNING TO SOUND LIKE AN UNCLE RUKUS

  9. You are way off about Kareem as well.

  10. Learn a little more sister. That quote was made up. Quincy Jones has said he never heard Elvis say that but just heard he said that.

  11. I'm glad you let him have it. I hope he sees this. Too many sellouts in the game…

  12. Everytime Kareem opens his mouth crap & nonsense always come out plus Elvis never gave credit to the black artists that he stole from


  14. Little Richard the late great Little Richard is the architect of rock and roll!!!! Little elvis is a student of this black music.

  15. They would sell black music to white kids, with a white face on the cover. The white kids knew it was black music, they just didn't want their parents to know.

  16. Yes right. He’s talking about introducing the music to larger white audience. The black musicians at the time weren’t white household names like Elvis (bc he appealed to white demo). Whether that is something to be celebrated by black ppl is a different thing.. smh Kareem

  17. I never believed that rumor and these video's prove why. Search on youtube:( Elvis Presley and the black community-That echo will never die) Foxholemusic76, ( Elvis Presley & the black community Part 2) Shawn and Mel, ( Roy Hamilton and Elvis Presley collaborate on one of many projects) Where in the world is Frank and Gina. Not to mention Elvis was also at Jackie Wilson's bedside when he died. As far as Quincy Jones is concerned, he couldn't even get along with Michael Jackson.

  18. Y'all worried about this meanwhile, they literally stole our identify. The dogs in Israel now are frauds. That plus is our land, we are the true chosen children of the Heavenly Father. The Bible is our book. The Patriarchs, the Prophets, the Kings Disciples, Apostles, THE MESSIAH himself, are our ancestors, our very bloodline. The Hebrew slaves you see depicted on murals from ancient Egypt are our distant ancestors. The original inhabitants of Europe known as Yaphet (Japheth) were so called Black (really brown) before the Caucasian (biblical cursed seed of Canaan) invaded, exterminated and replaced them look up the Yamnaya. Replacement, deception, theft and murder are so these beasts know, it's there nature. Elvis was basically what wiggers are today. Hang around you, learn how to talk, walk, sing, dance, even eat like you. I hope y'all don't think Elton John and other European singers naturally sing the way they do. The English are masters of copying us, evident in wiggers today. I'm not fooled and I'm definitely not impressed (charmed). These beasts need to be cut off and ignored smh. Make'em feel like the unwanted stepchildren they basically are.

  19. Once again you are flapping your lips about something you obviously don’t know a dammed thing about ! The very foundation of EPS career and wealth was exactly what Jabber said, I know for a fact because I WAS THERE. Your concept is born out of ignorance but that never seems to slow many on this channel down! Being wrong is not a bad thing it just points the way for growth! But when you disagree with someone you get nasty and personal with your name calling and vulgar insults no matter how accomplished the person is you are talking about. Very unprofessional and kind of ghetto I feel!

  20. Lol why’s is this anything new. White people steal everything we do from music, inventions, food,swag and they capitalize on it and say it was all them. This has been going on for generations.


  22. He needs to hear what Ray Charles thought about Elvis.

  23. Elvis stole music from black artists without credit/acknowledgment all his hits were stolen..Stop whitewashing history

  24. He must be borke.what about his son that tried to kill his 60 year old neighbor over a trash can. He tried to kill him with a knife.

  25. Our "olders" really need to know when to sit down and hold silence….

  26. Elvis tried to get James Brown to teach him to dance like him and James Brown refused.

  27. Kareem is a sellout, I don't care nothing about him being a Muslim. He is just like all the other bootlicks.

  28. You know it's sad. Black people from all walks of life and all ages are SAD. Thanks for the truth.

  29. I see his dementia is kicking in.. Wyte audiences were listening to blk music when Elvis wasn't even a thought…its just time for all these old folks to sit down and relax.. Stop spreading nonsense..

  30. Also, Kareem is not FBA.

  31. They’re always taking advantage of the older blk generation smh

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