Demetra- Gary Coleman Accused Of SA By Actress Molly Shannon 12 Years After His Death

Demetra- Gary Coleman Accused Of SA By Actress Molly Shannon 12 Years After His Death

Demetra Kaye reports on Gary Coleman being accused of SA by actress Molly Shannon 12 years after his death. She went on The Howard Stern Show and leveled the claim against Gary.



  1. Please let the man Rest In Peace

  2. These folks will never let our people rest. Even after death they still committed to attacking us. Smh. This is just sick.

  3. Gary Coleman is DEAD, LONG DEAD……………………What's her objective here???

  4. I will no longer watch Molly Shannon in anything, she will not get any of my $.

  5. Please I hate Donald Trump and don't believe everything all of those wemen say about him this is just BS Dana Plato in the room he's looking at this hag maybe he was crazy.

  6. Black men always suffer two assassinations in amerikkka! 👎🏾

  7. If she didn't take this alleged incident serriously in the 80's then it's not serious enough to be taken now. Even if it was true if I recall either they are the same age or she's a little older. So if this alleged incident happened during the Different Strokes Era Gary would have been between 10 and 17 years old, A CHILD. Kids often cross the line or do cringe things as they are maturing. He could have been easily disiplined or fired had she reported it and it's not like no one would listen. She is a WHITE woman and everyone always assumes the worst behavior/intentions of a BLACK man/boy in any context. So unless she has real evidence or proof of report during that time, I'm going to say I CANNOT believe her.

  8. When has there not been a time when those women claimed rape…Even with knee pads in tow, everywhere she go..

  9. Sad,but I'm thru with munzngals

  10. Black ppl need to stop demonize our own because of WHITE ppl, we need to learn from what we did to Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby and countless others. These White Women throughout the decades have been used as weapons against us

  11. What is this? All has beens go on Howard Stern to promote their books and get some black man me too.
    Funny how this happen when Bill Murray’s name come up, I guess they need a new black face

  12. Gary Coleman is not here to defend himself. This is not fair.

  13. I've heard about 2 minutes of it and my thoughts on this, so far, is that it must not be TRUE or she would've said something about long ago! You DON'T wait until he's gone, then bump your DAMN gums when he's NOT here to defend himself! This shouldn't come as a surprise to ANYBODY, this is typical pecker-wood COWARDICE, they'll STAB BFS in the BACK in their GRAVES, NOTHING is beneath these subhumans!☝️🙄

  14. Didn't that happen to Rick James also.

  15. This woman needs to go somewhere and sit her rusty behind down. Talking about a deceased person. SMH🤦🤦

  16. Why did this woman rain silent when he was alive & 12 years after his passing?? She should now sit down & shut the hell up..Nobody is buying her lies!

  17. Why now ? Whyyyyy nnnoww? Dude has gone on . How does her telling the story now help her ?

  18. Who really cares. These people always come up with stuff .

  19. i do not believe anything a white woman says when throwing crap at black men i knew she had a rancid book in the offing

  20. How his lil ass rape that full size woman? 🤔

  21. She is absolute trash. She had most of his life to make her case. She is lying. If anything, she probably was touching on him!

  22. Numbers of SA white men live over there unemployed, unmarried, middle aged and & propably virgins.
    Cause there's a shortage of 'white" women. In SA.
    They refuse to be involved w/ Asian, coloured or black SA women.
    & lady here 'u' come bragging on a deceased 'black' man. Who supposedly flirted w/ u.
    Both u & your fellow Boer countrymen r 'stuck'. & deserve eachother.

  23. I'm sorry, but the visual of Gary Coleman sticking his little hands through the bathroom door, especially after seeing the Dave Chappelle skit is hilarious!😂😂

  24. He is not here to defend himself. I'm not taking her word about anything.12 years after his death.

  25. She probably should've kept that one to herself…SMH

  26. I don't believe any of that bs

  27. I don’t believe her story & I hope her family sues her

  28. In my opinion this is just an attempt to sell her new book!

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