Demetra- Before Visiting Dominican Republic While Black, Think Twice

Demetra- Before Visiting Dominican Republic While Black, Think Twice

Demetra Kaye reports on what it is like to be Black while visiting the Dominican Republic. It is known that the relationship between the Haitians and Dominicans is a strained one, but seeing is actually believing.

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  2. So, You experienced what we experience in America? And Immigration control is OUR Ice. I have lived here and thrived for over 15 years. You had a bad experience but this is a beautiful country and the racism is exaggerated. MANY Black americans are here with multiple businesses.

  3. Crazy thing is how the Haitians tried to help them and the Caribbean.

  4. OK hold up… im a dark skin man and they treat me fine… sometimes I get confused for being Haitian…. but they have there historical beef with Haitians…You just had a bad experience. That country is amazing. 10x better than here…. anytime you are in another Country keep your passport. STOP CREATING THE ATMOSPHERE THAT DOMINICAN REPUBLIC IS BAD…I feel safer there than here. I been to Kenya and was robbed by police (by gunpoint) for 10 dollars.

  5. I’m African and I have no plans to visit DR. I’ll visit Haiti before I ever step foot on their soil

  6. thanks for the information I'll be cautious

  7. Dom rep is the last place I have ever thought of going cos I have seen a lot of documentaries about that country and it is a no for me .. to much self hate in that country

  8. You are your daughter is dark skin and they treat the dark skin DR the same way

  9. They taught you were Haitian becsuse of your complexion . If you are dark they automaticaly think you are Haitian .

  10. I have met people from the DR who are either visiting or have moved to my country and on occasion I have been asked if I'm Dominican because they say I look like I'm from their country…. however, once I reply with a "no I'm a black man from here" the conversation usually goes no further at that point.

  11. A world traveler myself… doesn't matter where you go there will always be some form of racism….this is unfortunately the way of the world we live in…..Don't let fear of racism stop you from enjoying life.

  12. Well, I'm from NYC, where the Dominicans own most stores besides other immigrants. And let me tell you, you don't have to go to their country to experience the hatred. They do it right here in the USA towards black Americans everyday. Most black men won't do nothing because they act like they are scared to death of immigrants disrespecting black people in their own country.

  13. I just don't see why people hate each other but that was the plan destroying each other

  14. Dementia this is bigger than you think
    The DR is known for targeting dark people….the white side of the DR is enforcement

  15. That's rough. I've been to DR several times and other Latin American countries with no issues. But I will say a lot of those countries are colorist AF. (Full disclosure, I'm light complexed and speak Spanish)

  16. Why would you go there anyway? People act like they like dieing I know you heard about all those people that were getting poisoned and getting killed mysteriously just keep on playing with fire

  17. Never forget the genocide of Haitians by Dominicans. Never forget. This historical fact is rarely discussed, as well as Argentina – where they completely wiped out a prosperous black community. Made Tulsa look like a picnic. And never forget the ongoing extermination of people in the favelas of Brazil. These are serious issues that need to be addressed.

  18. I have heard horror stories coming from there.

  19. Freedom papers all over AGAIN
    Control of the black race

  20. Wow. Good to hear u & ur family r OK. Wow

  21. Kenyan YouTuber i_am_marwa was harassed and slapped by black DR cops who thought/think they are white. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so tragic.

  22. Now you understand what Sammy Sosa did to himself.

  23. As many Dominicans are illegally entering the U.S. and Puerto Rico, where do they get off disliking Haitians for entering a country illegally?🤣 Even Bonny Cepeda's song El Dominican York back in the 90s is evidence of them being in New York illegally en masse😂

    But Dr Henry Louis Gates' PBS series Black in Latin America had an episode about the Dominican Republic. Though the Dominican Republic is the country with the highest percentage of Black people in Latin America the majority are mulato; whereas the other side of the island that's Haiti has a much smaller percentage of mulatos. Also the Haitians speak Kriol instead of Spanish, and have a strong accent when they do end up learning Spanish so the Dominicans can recognize them easily. I don't remember why they don't like the Haitians exactly, but they are easy for them to recognize and pick out. But great video Demetra. Dr Gates said we brought our Jim Crow over to Latin America in the late 1800s during the Spanish American war and corrected all their "incorrect" race mixing like having Black, White and Mulato Dominicans all in the same barracks. Then we had the Black revolution, Dr Martin Luther King Jr, Malcom X, etc. and they never did so they're still going by the Jim Crow racial policies we established in their countries back in the 1800s.

  24. If you had spoken to any Jamaican, Haitian, shoot, any black person from NYC who has lived among Dominicans, you could have avoided this visit altogether. We already know Dominicans were self-hating anti-black ppl from Trujillo era. Sometimes we black ppl just need to listen to each other and heed what we're all saying. And no, for those in the comments, we shouldn't have to hide ourselves in resorts like the white people do. They do that because of colonialism.

  25. I have been saying this for years.Latinos are NOT friends of Black Americans.I am born and raised in NYC and have been treated WORSE by Latinos than Whites.

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