Delusion at its finest #men #women

Delusion at its finest #men #women


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  1. Let me educate y'all on something. Sex and gender are two different things. Sex is biological and even that isn't binary. Y'all like to ignore intersex people all the time. gender is an expression. Everyone with a brain knows this. Do you think animals see themselves as men or women? Do you think animals have genders? Do you think animals are out there wearing skirts and shit?? Lionesses trans their gender, clownfish trans their gender, fucking insects trans their gender. It doesn't affect you so why do you even care? Trans people have been around for decades and decades and will be here for even longer either get with it or perish in your own misery I don't really care. These people are just trying to distract you from bigger issues. These people want you shitting on people different than you so you're distracted from the real issue and not uniting together to get angry at those in power. These people are Scooby Doo villains who point the finger at people weaker than them so they can get away with shit. It's pathetic that y'all don't see it.

  2. I got $100.00 if you show me a Man that can get Pregnant and have a Baby. People keep talking that BS but I have yet to see it! Cut it out!!

  3. I'm always wondering if these people are just ignorant or just sell their principles to the highest bidder. I think Candace spews this hate even though she knows better

  4. Who is the mentally ill black dude? He looks familiar.

  5. Because y’all wanna recognize a person by the gender of choice, it’s not Rocket Science to know that a trans man is the only man getting pregnant!!!
    Men & trans woman will never get pregnant.
    Because people choose to ignore truth & there being chances of legalities, I’ll say it as best as I can. Replicating Is not Duplicating!
    Plain English!

  6. The fact is….just debating this, believe or not, conservatism, already lost the battle…

  7. The truth she's awsome

  8. 100% of all individuals who gave birth were born with a uterus. Talk to God 🤷🏾‍♀️

  9. A woman that identifies as a man is biologically still a woman you can respect them by saying they’re a man if a transgender person who identifies as a woman, and was originally a man is now a woman that’s a woman, because they have undergone the series to become a woman

  10. Keep going, Candance. I love what you're doing.

  11. That dude drinking the kool-aid 😢😢😢

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