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  1. Susie's boyfriend was a sociopath. And the girl he was with.

  2. I had an old friend who made horror films. I wish I could find her work. I haven't seen her since 2010.

  3. Good three in one movie, but there is some good men out there.. Didn't like how this portrayed all men are evil, when it was Eve that convinced Adam to bite the forbidden fruit…

  4. It was a lot better towards the end of the movie

  5. I don’t understand this movie for real

  6. Why did I waste my time on this???

  7. Loved it , thanks for sharing!

  8. Yes Girls Revenge on their Killers!!!!!💝💝💝☺
    I like this tough Girls

  9. Wooow anything goes around comes around actually I love this movie and Gorgeous girls 😍

  10. Did not like this at all —- and I usually love Kings of Horror uploads.

  11. That's a weird way to drive (12:36) – not to mention downright dangerous — HOLD the steering wheel you idiot !!

  12. I love horror movies i just hate the fact that every film with a splash of ketchup and a pentagram gets to call itself one. The Blair witch project proved that you can make a really great horror movie with a small budget so that's not an excuse. Writing great dialogue costs nothing. 0/10

  13. The 2 one is my favorite one of movie in dead girls

  14. awesome movie worth the watch!!

  15. 🎥: Dead Girls. 1hr….31mins
    (2014) Horror/ Thriller
    Summary: In this film there are three stories of abused and forsaken girls who return from the dead to take their revenge against those who wrong them.
    Segment : " Wraparound"
    🌟 Starring:
    Jessica Oberhausen / Alice
    Joseph Luis Caballero / Chavo
    Rebecca Mullins / Robin
    Segment : "Over My Dead Body"
    🌟 Starring:
    Aubrey Joyce Tunnell / Suzy
    Nick Cardiff /Travis
    Matty Robinson /Jake
    Craig Sunderlin / Jerry
    Segment : " Theta Phi's Never Die"
    🌟 Starring:
    Mia Doran / Avery
    Madalyn Mattsey / Taylor
    Ali Hadley / Courthey
    Samantha Steveson / Kelly
    Andrew Jacob DeHart / Mack
    Jax Turyna / Danielle
    Jennifer Lenius / Holly
    Segment : "Vengeance is Mine"
    🌟 Starring:
    Brian Rooney / Father Auer
    Ivan Vega / Dad
    Kelsey Sante / Maggie
    Joette Waters / Sister Dunn
    Marc Peurye / Big Marc
    On a scale of 1 being really 👎 bad and a 10 being really 👍 great I give this film a: 7.5

  16. The girl reading the book had dirty fingernails did I miss something that was horror to me LOL

  17. Hm….

    Throw that guy into hell
    Welcome to hell →_→

    I'm not scared of the ghost or whatever
    But I'm disgusted by that kind of human
    Wait, no.. They aren't considered as human anymore in my book (¬_¬)

  18. A tooth for a tooth, and an eye for an eye…. this includes in the best 20….thanks for the upload…

  19. Watching from Indonesia 😎

  20. Low budget indie effort with passable acting, but unrealistic murder scenes. Basically, a trilogy of terror involving young women who are murdered but then return from the dead to seek revenge. The stories were recorded in a sort of haunted diary by a young woman living alone in a delapidated old house who another young woman being chased by a maniac seeks refuge in. He finally finds them and they finish him off. All of the revenge killings by the dead girls involve knives. There's a weird zombie apocalypse scene at the end suggesting that all of the resurrected dead girls around the world are going forth to seek revenge.

    I'm not sure what the message of this flick was supposed to be or if it really had any message. Perhaps it was some newly minted director's first effort. Not the worst I've ever seen, but it could have been much better, imo. This one needs to be chalked up to experience and, hopefully, improved upon in his or her future films.

  21. #3 ending was the BEST!!!!!! Thanks KoH for an awesome movie!!!!!

  22. #3 is so typical of our society. "Oh he's a good man" when really he is a rapist and a pedophile. Happens SOOOO often. Men like that should be castrated and left to die. So I am hoping for another good old revenge killing like the other ones lol I LOVE revenge movies. I cannot see why people dissed this movie. I think it is AWESOME!!!!!

  23. I love this movie with the movie

  24. all these comments make this movie sucks. 😂👍

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