Davido Family F*ghtsx And The Cause, Mompha Moves 6Billion For Yahoo Boy?

Davido Family F*ghtsx And The Cause, Mompha Moves 6Billion For Yahoo Boy?

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  1. Politics bro, two of them go do primaries and one of them go step down when they is no opposition

  2. I love the dancing senator to be the next governor. He won the first election and the election was rigged against him.

  3. Hmmmmmm. This Davido cousin is a very wicked man, in every family there's a Judas.

  4. I love you Abraham!…. i'm enjoying every bit of your videos!! Keep it up!!!

  5. Are you sure this woman is not insane?? Because she talk’s like one..

  6. Haha 😂😂meckson na ur face and hmm on that last couple issue oo.😂😆.I laf that lady in pegin.tell her to go back to her cheating boyfriend naa and have all the orgasm in d world, if marriage no hungry her again oo.they drag for marriage alot ,yet Dem wan condition man wey marry Dem,put Dem for house ,(that's women for u).she beta respect her sorry ass self or loose that marriage and besides plating that pubic hair, can never be d only way for her to cum,and she knows that.what ur husband wants do it,he paid heavily to give you a home,don't bring him low as subjecting him to ur ex ways..have some respect and fear woman🙄

  7. Not really what you think bro. Na politics the wan play, the no get any issues that’s just there strategy for the coming elections.

  8. Mine is 15marks. No party cos I don't like partying.

  9. Las Las that guy who killed his girlfriend will definitely go Mad as he claims

  10. These people aren't running because they so much care about the people it's all about power, power can be addictive they will go in and keep making themselves richer and richer it will never be to help the people.

  11. As to your question of the day with those 35 Marks for 2022 i think i scored 20 till now the remaining 15 is lost to S**, K**, the last 5 marks i better refrain lol, those first 10marks i lost living wete i am with -6 degrees and working daily at the hospital , coming back home i need something to keep me warm so thats were 10 marks is lost😂😂

  12. That guy,they don't look alike

  13. Is it Adelekes family that own osun state? Other vibrant guys should come out, they are not best for the state. What an impetus!

  14. The people with the hair issue, let them divorce na LMAO 😂 😂😂

  15. DAVIDO family rivalry for governorship is all about money, they are all chasing money naaaa, may the best man win ooooo

  16. I really love watching your show it’s on point each time Abraham, that woman with the bush because I am above 18 I will say wahala no dey finish for that relationship hahahaha

  17. The woman from Cameroon 🥰😇🙏🏾

  18. 1,2,3,4and 7 five marks each

  19. I think Mummy GO dreamt of all these stuffs but thought it was her past life… Quite inconsistent with nature n d supernatural

  20. Thank you for the update Abraham!
    QOTD: 🤔🤔 35 points , na wa oo 😂😂

  21. I said it. I was sure David was with the uncle

  22. Madam hair no be ur ex u marry now no they stress another man for wetin e no nothing about. If u want to remain like the way ur ex want then go and marry ur ex or stay unmarried mumu 😒

  23. The Adelekes have too much money and now want powers. Until money bags are stopped from grabbing powers nothing will change in that country

  24. Is reall painful to cancel a trip after booking…i know how its because i do delivery work… After waiting time to the customer location and the job will be canceled. The boat man is very correct insulting the girl?

  25. APC done pay DELE to bring katakata between the adeleke's

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