Dangerous climb to the “Church in the Sky”: Abune Yemata Guh. | Ethiopia vlog

I traveled to the Tigray region in Northern Ethiopia to make the dangerous climb to a monastery in the Gheralta mountains, called Abune Yemata Guh. It is one of the most inaccessible and hardest churches to get to. We traveled with @worldsunethiopiatours7029 to Abuna Yemata Guh, a church in the sandstone cliffs, over 8000 feet in the air. …



  1. Wow, no words to express your bravery. I was scared even for watching you do that. Thanks for sharing your experience. I grew up listening stories about such monasteries, but didn’t have a chance to actually see them.

  2. THANKS, ALOT Ethiopia has so many tourists' attraction area especially north Ethiopia LALIBELA, AKSUM AND GONDER FUNY Enough Lalibela is the most amazing! is Lalibela the 8th world amazing place.

  3. The oldest mosque is located in Massawa Eritrea, the gateway to Africa. Its name is Mesjir Alsahaba which was founded during the first flight of prophet Mohammed from the attack of Quresh tribes in Saudi Arabia. How come Islam started 400 kilometers from the coast? We need to convey history based on facts.

  4. Show a little respect, do not touch people roughly. They are respectful towards you… if they want, they can also show you how to behave. Just because you are white, it does not mean you can do anything! Leave your white arrogance at home. Don't film praying people just like that! AND NEVER TOUCH OUR MOTHERS LIKE THAT!"

  5. What a wonderful Youtuber You are?!… we the locals can't even explains about the beauty of our country like this ,but you made it over us ….the explanation you have used from 16:00 to 16:04….wuuuuu what can I say princess?!….you are amazing .
    I believe that one day God will help me to make my dream comes true to show up my country ETHIOPIA beauty for the world……We love you❤😘…..and respect your posetivity🙏…..እንወድሻለን…

  6. Wow I am ethiopian i realy appreciated your vacation vlog and thanks to invite us you showed me that i need to see in my life 😂 and you are so fuuny when you spell amharic words then go a head

  7. Our church has its own dress code. It is better if you do not desecrate the holy place for the sake of recognition. You are not going to visit a place "Disneyland " but to visit a holy place, please have respect for the holy place.

  8. Well done for visiting our beautiful Monastery! It must have been challenging for you travelling for the first time. For anyone who would like to visit, I would strongly suggest to consider the way you dress! Women are supposed to cover their body fully in a decent way when visiting such Monastery.


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