Cordae's $80M Shopping Spree | GQ

Cordae's $80M Shopping Spree | GQ

Cordae has an infinite amount of fake money to spend shopping online. GQ curated a personalized…


  1. first rapper to talk about his electric bill

  2. What happeneed to the 1 item per category rule?

  3. Glad this man came to Alaska with juice wrld

  4. $undrtdray bless me 🙏🏾

  5. “you don’t wear your Apple stock”

  6. can someone name me the brand of his hoodie?

  7. “Córner pocket on the d PAUSE” 😂

  8. Not everything has to be an investment for fuccs sake….

  9. he is a humble youngin, wise man, and i might not listen to him as i do to other rappers, but i repsect him and i admire him more than i do with the rappers i listen to yk

  10. Bruh thats like an 05 Honda forreal

  11. Bored Ape NFT are kinda racist.

  12. Do they actually buy the stuff

  13. I don't blame you bro, you look like you smart with your money…

  14. 28.7 billion for metaverse spot

  15. lol this is just a way to advertise the products, good job gq smart trick.

  16. Definitely the Julius of the rap game

  17. Cordae is smart with his money 💴

  18. that nft is worth like 2 dollars now

  19. Good days when Eth was at 4100

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