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1.1. HurriK9

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  1. The Dog door. it only opens when the pet is near the door. well hello, where will the dog be if someone is outside the dog door….

    The water propulsion thing take the exercise right out of swimming! 😀

  2. 💙GRATITUDE🍀 Thank you great channel.🎖️ Excellent SHARE!! 🕊️
    🇺🇸 🙏 🌎 GOD BLESS 'brilliant'. 👍🙏

  3. The body dryer is a joke and total waste of money

  4. The BISECU SMART BIKE LOCK is no longer a thing. Company folded, and website is shut down

  5. fair warning i rented an underwater scooter and it blew my swimming trunks clean off me, nowhere to be found

  6. $500 for a doggy door? Looks like Fido's gonna 💩 in the house.

  7. 3:40 Hope no ones using this joystick when they get swatted…

  8. Cách hát của đức phúc luôn làm hài lòng tất cả mn.

  9. HurriK9 is a complete rip off. One can get the starter pack with flimsy rings, then has to buy the durable ones extra, in case they are available. Good idea…. and well done from the sellers point of view.

  10. There you go… That gun for children is a good idea. Kids are shooting each other in the streets now. This will get them use to shooting their friends at age 4 & 5 Now when they pull the trigger it will seem like a game… Real Smart.. Back to the drawing board fellows.. ☮️☮️☮️

  11. I love that swimming device. It pulls you underwater. 45mins of runtime currently is not bad. Can't wait until we get ways to either bring multiple battery packs to switch out as you swim or something that lasts even longer. It's just so cool to think of how much that device could help people do stuff in the water.

  12. What an absolute bunch of worthless crap. First world products to solve non-existent 'problems'. I'll take a real towel, please.

  13. The game console that gives a true shooting experience is the PsVr combined with the AIM controller.

  14. What about cats, all I have is a cat in my house

  15. the jacket that goes on your body then off is just amazing, I've never seen coats before

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