Coinbase Fortune 500 & Ebay NFTs | TGOC

Coinbase Fortune 500 & Ebay NFTs | TGOC

The Gentlemen of Crypto EP – 955

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  1. Coinbase fee's are too high for me, coinbase format is good, easy to buy and data is good. I like token with a high value use, XLM, Chilitz fan engagement.

  2. Coinbase was way over the top, all speculation. I'm joining you guys. Where can I buy that "Afro Tech" Cap.. will you do some coverage of EV Space? EVGO, VLTA. I'm new here like the content so far.

  3. confused as to why they're telling people offboarding shouldn't be an issue. Are they saying don't take fiat profit? If so, why is that an issue for people to take profit on personal investments? I understand the whole BTC is the future thing, but fiat is now. I don't fully understand their thought process on that.

  4. coinbase expansion is a push to use the BRD platform purchase they made

  5. I am in New York and under lockdown we don't have as many firms to select for crypto trading. I only wish to get onto some of these platforms.

  6. You can trade stocks using USDC on FTX. Fuck Coinbase

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