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  1. 11:36 I wouldn't give you too much trust. It reminds me of FTX, a 32 billion dollar company, that practically held zero Bitcoin. Just imagine if this is a case similar to Craig wright claiming addresses that don't even belong to him. It would be funny if grayscale leaked these wallets to pretend they're theirs.

  2. How can I make more profitable investment in crypto without incurring most losses???

  3. Since I started on crypto currency I invested $7,000 and my profit us $25,850 every 11days and I never lost my money on Crypto

  4. Can you review the onschain?

  5. Onschain is currently selling for 30 cents

  6. They made onschain with AI, this is the first project in the world, I have already bought for five thousand dollars.

  7. price goes up every two weeks

  8. the guys started selling onschain from five cents

  9. Onschain will blow the market to the moon

  10. onschain! I already took my place, I bought fifty thousand tokens

  11. Binances news about onschain says it will be $2500

  12. I bought four thousand dollars tokens from onschain, a year later I will sell it for forty or fifty thousand.

  13. If Binance says, he knows

  14. we buy onschain for 25 cents now we are at the top when its 2000$

  15. I bought a three thousand dollar ons token. Lets see!

  16. It is very logical to collect onschain from the bottom price and sell it after 6-12 months, the price will increase every two weeks.

  17. Onschain will be listed on binance

  18. The news is published, onschain will be listed on binance

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